Monday, December 21, 2015

Starbucks: The Yogurt

Do I need to introduce Starbucks to you?  I imagine not.  And of course, I've reviewed Starbucks many times before, including the pastries that I actually do kinda like (gross as I know they are), the breakfast sandwiches that get perfectly warmed up in their magic oven, and tons of beverages, including my summertime Frappuccino indulgences, seasonal beverages, and more.

So I won't introduce Starbucks this time around, just my new category of goods I tried: the yogurt.
Greek Yogurt Raspberry Lemon Parfait.
Who goes to Starbucks for yogurt?  I know, this was strange.  But, I've been really loving Greek yogurt parfaits lately, so I figured I'd give the Starbucks offering a try.  Of course, I in no way expected anything remotely healthy.  As expected, since this is Starbucks, it was loaded with sugar.  31g to be exact!
Lemon curd side.
The parfaits are pre-made, available in the grab and go section.

I had the choice of a parfait with honey, or one with lemon curd and raspberry purée.  I love honey with greek yogurt, and the parfaits I make always include honey, but they also include fresh fruit.  Just honey didn't seem interesting enough.  But I don't really like lemon curd.  Still, it sounded more interesting, so I went for the one with lemon curd and raspberry.  I figured the lemon curd would add a nice tang to contrast again the sweetness of the rest of it.  I could easily see through the package that the lemon curd was a separate layer, in case I didn't like it.
Raspberry purée side.
The raspberry purée was also separate, on the other side.  As you can see, there was a generous amount, and I could mix it in as I desired.

On top was the granola,  oat and honey granola, in a little plastic dish, not touching the yogurt.  This was effective packaging, since otherwise the granola would obviously get soggy.
I unpackaged the different pieces, and dug in.  I first tried each component separately.

The yogurt was decent.  Tangy, creamy, basic Greek yogurt.  No complaints about that.

The raspberry purée was crazy sweet, as expected, clearly where all the sugar was concentrated.  But .... I really liked it.  It had seeds, and I generally don't like seeds, but I didn't mind them here.  I was happy to eat it by the spoonful, but it also did work nicely mixed with the yogurt.

As for the lemon curd, it was tangy, which was nice, but it was also too eggy for me.  I rarely like lemon curd though, so I don't think this was particularly bad lemon curd.

The granola was the most disappointing part, really quite boring.  It wasn’t really what I think of as granola, not oat based, not crispy, not sweet.  It seemed just like rice puff cereal.

So obviously, this was not health food.  It was not a fresh fruit parfait.  And I didn't like the granola.  But, I was quite satisfied with the yogurt and raspberry purée, although I don't see a reason to get another.
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