Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cooking Demo: Radius

Today's demo was by Chef Peter Cham of Radius.  I haven't been to Radius yet, but it is a local restaurant that focuses on ... you guessed it, fresh seasonal Californian cuisine, with as much as posisble sourced within a radius of 100 miles.  The menu changes every week or so based on what is in season.  The chef was friendly and personable, and gave a good demo, full of useful tips.
English pea and green garlic panna cotta, crème fraîche, crispy pancetta, spring peas.
This was a perfect springtime dish! The panna cotta was creamy and flavorful, and set nicely, with a good jiggle to it.  The fresh peas on top were crunchy and absolutely delicious, the perfect little bites of spring.  The crème fraîche added even more creaminess, and mmm, you can't go wrong with crispy pancetta to compliment the whole thing and add a salt component.

Such great flavor and texture combos!


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