Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lindt Chocolate

For Christmas, I received a large amount of chocolate from the one chocolate shop in my family's hometown: Lindt.  (No, I didn't grow up in Switzerland, but Lindt for some reason has a store in New Hampshire.)  I've thus been able to try a lot of their chocolates ... none of which were very extraordinary, but better than the large selection of Hershey that I also received!

As always, subsequent tastings are denoted in brackets.


These are the Lindt product that most people are familiar with.  Round balls with a fairly creamy filling.
Assorted Truffles: Peanut Butter, White, and Strachiatella.
  • Strachiatella: a white truffle with cocoa nibs inspired by "cookies 'n cream" ice cream.  Tasting notes: white shell with cocoa nibs in it, creamy white chocolate filling.  This was surprisingly ok.  It is just sweet and whatnot, but I liked it [ Sweet and creamy and fake …  but I like it. ]
  • 60% Extra Dark: Tasting notes: better than I remembered, filling not really dark but outer chocolate is dark and not bad.  Not complex or anything, but overall pretty nice. [ just standard lindt, not very dark chocolate … 60% != “extra dark” folks! ]
  • White: Tasting notes: White shell with creamy white filling.  Super sweet!  If you are in the mood for super sweet and white chocolate flavor, these aren’t bad.  
  • Mint: Tasting notes: milk chocolate shell with creamy white chocolate based mint filling.  Chocolate generic and uninteresting.  Mint flavor not very strong, filling more sweet than anything.  Would like to try this when the truffle is warmer and filling more melty though, had while fairly firm. [ Very boring milk chocolate.  Mint flavor totally not there.  Very waxy tasting and feeling.  Did not like. ]
  • Peanut Butter: Tasting notes: milk chocolate shell with creamy pb filling.  Chocolate generic and uninteresting.  Peanut butter flavor not very strong or interesting.  A Reece’s cup is better than this.  But again, would try when warmer to see if more melty interior improves it. [ Generic, not good milk chocolate.  Not very strong pb flavor.  Didn’t even want to finish. ] [ Tried it warmer, got slightly meltier, but the peanut butter just isn't strong enough ]
  • Snowman: Tasting notes: Milk chocolate shell with an irresistibly smooth white chocolate filling.  Generic milk chocolate, white filling kinda waxy and not flavorful.


These are just regular chocolate bars.
  • Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts: Tasting notes: Ok milk chocolate, with chunks of hazelnut inside.  Not very creamy.
  • Cresta: “Swiss milk chocolate surrounds a creamy hazelnut filling and crunchy bits of almond brittle.”  Tasting notes: crunchy filling ok, but chocolate not very good or creamy.
  • Chocolat Noir, Cremant: Tasting notes: ok dark chocolate, nothing special.  Fairly bitter finish.
  • Lindor: Milk chocolate with smooth center.  Tasting notes: Soft, creamy, but meh.
  • Cresta blancor: White chocolate surrounding a crunchy interior made from almond brittle bits.  Tasting notes: white chocolate is just kinda there and sweet.  The filling has a decent crunch, but it is not very flavorful - I couldn’t identify what it was (almonds apparently).
  • 99% dark: Tasting notes: Had a gritty quality.  Very dark and bitter.  

European Specialties

These are a more speciality line, that sounded pretty fantastic, but failed to deliver.
  • Wildberry Yogurt Eisdessert: Wonderful mix of blueberries, raspberry and blackberry filling over yogurt cream covered in smooth milk chocolate.  Tasting notes: uh … not very interesting, sounds much better than it is.  Not strong berry flavor, chocolate kinda meh, etc.  Berry part nice but yogurt is totally useless.
  • Hazelnut Nougat Fiorettos: Smooth hazelnut nougat centers enrobed in milk chocolate and crisped rice.  Tasting notes: not much hazelnut flavor, basically just a Lindor truffle with crappy rice crispies in shell.

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  1. I so love Lindt Chocolate! It is definitely my favourite. Its creamy taste is absolutely amazing.


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