Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brad's Raw Foods

I've been really into assorted snack foods lately, particularly salty things like chips.  In an attempt to be healthier, I decided to try out a new brand of kale chips.  I really liked kale chips in the past, particularly a few years ago when I used to make them myself and season them with all sorts of things, but I don't recall what brand I used to get when I did get store bought ones.  I tried Brad's Raw Foods because the flavors sounded good.  The kale chips themselves impressed me every time, but I didn't like the flavors of them.  I haven't found any that I'd purchase again.
Natural Nacho Kale Chips.
  • Natural Nacho: "Coated with sunflower seeds, red bell pepper, agave nectar, chickpea miso, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic powder, onion, Bragg Aminos, and Himalayan sea salt". I wanted to like these.  The kale chips themselves were nicely done, big chunks.  They were well coated in seasoning.  But I did not like the nacho cheese flavor at all.  Personal preference perhaps?
  • Nasty Hot Kale Chips: "Smothered with red bell pepper, cashews, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, jalapeno pepper, chickpea miso, Himalayan sea salt, and cayenne pepper". These were better than the nacho ones, but I still didn't like them.  Again, the kale was nice and crispy, in big chunks.  The coating was spot on.  But I just really didn't like the flavor, they had a strange bitterness to them.  I liked the spicy though.  I tried these several times, to make sure my first failure wasn't just due to the mood I was in, but I never liked them.  The crunch was good, the chunks were good, but they just didn't come together for me.  Another friend said they tasted too much like grass.
  • Vampire Killer: "Coated with red bell pepper, cashews, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, scallions, chickpea miso, garlic, and Himalayan sea salt".  These I actually liked.  The kale chips were again nice big chunks, and the seasoning on these was enjoyable.  Although, they did leave me with some serious garlic breath.


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