Sunday, January 06, 2013

Lake Champlain Chocolates

While visiting my family for the holidays, my mother received a gift from one of her patients: chocolates from Lake Champlain Chocolates.  They are a local chocolate maker, from Vermont.  And since my mom can't have chocolate, and I love trying out new chocolate, I gladly took them off her hands.

They make a large assortment of bars (including single-origins), truffles, caramels, hot chocolates, etc, but I've only tried the basic milk and dark chocolate.  When I went to write up this post, I discovered my notes from last year, and my opinions are fairly different.  I wonder if they changed their recipes?

  • Dark Chocolate: 54%.  Tasting notes: Very smooth, almost too sweet though.  Wish it were darker.  Notes from last year's batch:  Nice bitter flavor.  [ A little creamy, nice bitter flavor, not super complex but not bad at all ] [ really intense flavor, really nice ] [ Nice snap, complex, but bitter.  Don’t like. ] [ Not complex, bitter, crumble, meh ]
  • Milk Chocolate: 34%.  Tasting notes: Fairly creamy, but it seemed like it had been tempered incorrectly.  Notes from last year's batch:  Creamy, decent but strange mouth feel. [ Very creamy, smooth milk chocolate ] [ Creamy, good milk chocolate ]


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