Sunday, February 03, 2013

Galler Chocolate

Galler is a Belgian Chocolatier, making chocolates since the 1970s.  I recently got to try a slew of their mini bars.  The milk chocolate line wasn't that great, but I did like some of the dark chocolates.  Overall though, I just wasn't a fan of their mostly praline-based fillings.
  • Café Liégeois: "Dark chocolate with mild coffee filling".  Tasting notes: The dark chocolate was ok, with a nice snap to it.  The filling was gritty, and not really coffee flavored, just a bit bitter.  My least favorite of the dark chocolates.
  • Croustillant: "Milk chocolate with crispy praline filling".  Tasting notes: Creamy milk chocolate with smooth filling that had tiny bits of sugary praline in it.  Kinda interesting, but not my favorite.
  • Vanille: "Dark chocolate bar filled with smooth natural vanilla mousse". Tasting notes: The dark chocolate was really pretty good, creamy but complex.  There wasn't much filling however, and I couldn't really taste vanilla, just some creamy stuff in the center.
  • Piémontais: "Milk chocolate with crispy filling".  Tasting notes: Creamy, unremarkable milk chocolate.  Not really sure what the "crispy filling" was, it had some crunch, but wasn't really my thing.
  • Framboise: "Dark chocolate with light raspberry cream.": Tasting notes: The dark chocolate was again pretty good, smooth, not super complex, a bit sweet, but good.  The raspberry filling was creamy and sweet, but with nice flavor.  My favorite of their bars.
  • Praliné Blanc: "White chocolate with hazelnut praline filling". Tasting notes: Non-remarkable white chocolate shell, filled with a very creamy praline filling.  I guess it was good enough, but really not my thing.
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