Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nestlé Candy

The Nestlé empire is rather insane.  They have 8,000 brands ranging from baby food to frozen food and basically everything in-between   If you start paying attention, you'd be shocked to see how many companies are owned by Nestlé.

Anyway, when Halloween rolled around, I got a chance to try some of their candy, for the first time in years.  For some reason, everywhere I went was giving out candy this year, although most were giving out Hershey products, which I previously reviewed.  You'll note that I called it candy, rather than chocolate, because honestly, there isn't a whole lot of cocoa going on here ...


Butterfinger Mini.
"Crispety crunchety, peanut-buttery candy."

Tasting notes: The notes I wrote described this as "crispy crunchy caramely peanut buttery center" coated with milk chocolate.  I was a bit blown away when I later read their description on the website, and it was a near-match!  The filling was a really unnatural orange color.  It was all low quality, but a pretty tasty combo.

[ Crappy milk chocolate, sweet crunchy center, not awesome, but not bad. ] [ I do love the crunchy sweet center, but, overall, it is actually too sweet for me to just want to eat.  Perfect as a froyo topping. ]

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup.
"The classic peanut butter cup was missing something…until now. The combination of creamy milk chocolate, smooth peanut butter and the perfect dose of BUTTERFINGER took the cup to a whole ‘nother level."

My first thought was, "woah, they make peanut butter cups?"  My next thought, as I opened the package was, "where is the outer wrapper?" as it was naked inside the package, like pretty much any other candy bar, but for some reason, Reece's has trained me to expect a wrapper.  And very quickly, all those thoughts were replaced with, "what?  Square?  You can't have a square cup!"

So clearly, I went into this with expectations.
Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup: Inside.
The milk chocolate was mild and very creamy.  The inside was brighter orange than a regular peanut butter, more like, well, a butterfinger.  The filling was a bit like crunchy peanut butter, and I liked the texture, but it didn't have enough peanut butter taste for my liking.  Sorry, but I prefer a regular pb cup, or a regular Butterfinger, but I do see what they are going for here.

I still don't know why it was square ... with rounded corners, very 2.0 of it.
Baby Ruth Mini.
Tasting notes: chocolate/caramel flavored nougat (the soft, slightly chewy kind) makes up most of the bar, topped with a VERY thin layer of thicker caramel, then layer of peanuts, covered in milk chocolate.  Decent combination of textures, but the is caramel barely noticeable, and it is made from clearly low quality nuts and chocolate.
Baby Ruth: Inside.
One bar I tried had no nougat!  It was just thick caramel, peanuts, and chocolate coating.  The peanuts and chocolate were nice enough, and the caramel had a nice chew, but, this didn't seem quite right.

Subsequent tasting notes:

[ Milk chocolate is clearly low quality, but the whole thing is sweet and kinda enjoyable, peanuts are nice. ] [ Same lower end milk chocolate, chewyish caramel nougat, plentiful peanuts that actually taste like peanuts, very sweet overall, not bad. ] [ Caramel very chewy, entire thing very sweet, like the crunch from the peanuts. ] [ Very sweet nougat filling, not enough peanuts, peanuts not evenly distributed so many bites had none.  Chocolate isn't even really chocolate, just sweet too. ] [ Meh, the only good part is the peanuts. ]
Golden Rough.
This is from their Australian division, a chocolate disk with coconut flakes.  The chocolate was just cheap milk chocolate, studded with lots of coconut flakes.  I didn't really care for this, even though I wanted to like it, because I do like both chocolate and coconut.

[ No Photos ]

Bit-O-Honey: Tasting notes: sweet, not very flavorful.  Didn't really think it represented "honey" very well.

Nestlé Crunch: "Creamy milk chocolate and light airy crispies".  Tasting notes: Is the chocolate actually "creamy"?  No.  Is the chocolate good at all?  No.  But I do enjoy the crunch!


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