Friday, October 30, 2015

Snack Pack Puddings

Update Review, October 2015

Sometimes, I need to learn to take my own advice.  I said snack packs were awful, and that I wouldn't try them ever again.

And then, I visited my LA office, where they have a "junk food" microkitchen, and it came stocked with ... Snack Packs!  Pudding, I love pudding!  I couldn't resist trying another.

Like I said, should have taken my own advice, from my original review ...

I know, I know.  Why did I try this.  Curiosity got the better of me.

One bite was all it took to remind me why I don't like these.  Plastic.  All you taste is plastic.  Not chocolate, not creamy pudding, just, plastic.  They smell like plastic, they taste like plastic.

Dear self: really, don't try these again.

Original Review, March 2013

I love pudding.  Creamy pudding, rice pudding, warm pudding, cold pudding, I love it all.  I don't normally go for packaged puddings, but I decided to give Snack Packs a try when I saw one named "Chocolate Cupcake".  Protip: Do not go grocery shopping when hungry!

They are as bad as I expected.  I won't by buying more!
Chocolate Cupcake.
Part of the newer "Bakery Shop" line, inspired by baked goods.  A layered creation, intending to be like the cupcake base and frosting.

The chocolate layer had ok chocolate flavor, it was slightly creamy, but mostly just kinda tasted like plastic.  The top layer, aka, the "frosting", had absolutely no flavor.  I didn't get the frosting sense at all.

Would not eat again.
Butterscotch is my favorite pudding of all time, as my grandmother makes a from scratch amazing version. As you can imagine, this didn't nearly live up.

All I could taste was strange sweetness, with the same consistency as the chocolate pudding version that is smooth, but isn't really creamy, and has slightly plastic-like taste.

Better than the chocolate cupcake, but still not good.
You'd think I'd give up.  But ... maybe the tapioca was different enough that it would be ok?


Again, not very creamy consistency, tasted like plastic.  Sorta vanilla flavored plastic.  With a few balls of tapioca, not nearly as many as I'd like.  They were flavorless and didn't even really add much texture.  Meh.
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