Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Murph's Irish Pub at AT&T Park

As I mentioned last week, I recently attended my first Giant's game.  Being in San Francisco, it was of course not exactly warm.  My friends assured me that after a bit of alcohol I'd stop caring about how cold it was, but in the meantime, I decided to start with a warm drink.  I saw many stands offering Irish Coffee, which sounded perfect, except that none had decaf, and I try not to have caffeine later in the day.  The regular coffee stands had decaf, but no booze.  I was trying to kill two birds with one stone, so just drinking a plain decaf wasn't what I was going for.

When I struck out at the last stand advertising irish coffee, I noticed that they also had hot chocolate with Bailey's.  Still more caffeine than I really wanted, but a decent compromise.  Side note: they also had better looking fish & chips than what I'd seen at the other stands (still already laid out in baskets under heat lamps, but less limp looking than the others I'd seen).  If I wasn't totally full of crab at that point, I probably would have tried the fish & chips too, as I've been craving fish & chips pretty much nonstop since my last visit to the east coast, and I still haven't found anywhere around that I like.  Not that I'd really expect these not-fresh ones to be great.  Anyway.  Back to the drink.
Hot Chocolate with Bailey's and Whipped Cream.  $11.50.
The hot chocolate came in a fairly fancy looking, albeit plastic, cup.  I was expecting a paper cup, so this was a nicer presentation.

The hot chocolate came out of one of those automatic machines.  I wish I'd realized that before I ordered.  It was watery, lukewarm, and not really chocolatey.  It was brown, but had no flavor.  I guess I didn't need to worry about the caffeine content after all.  And I didn't taste any Bailey's.  The whipped cream was generic and came out of a can.

This was so meh.  As it was barely warm, it certainly didn't serve to warm me up in any way, which is why I got it in the first place.   I don't know how it had so little flavor, seriously, all I tasted was slightly sweet water.  For $11.50 it was incredibly disappointing.  Certainly wouldn't get again.


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