Sunday, November 24, 2013

Milka Chocolate

A few months ago, a friend returned from her travels with chocolate from Studentsk√° to share.  I thought it was quite fun to try chocolate I couldn't otherwise get here in the US.  Well, she went traveling again, and of course brought back chocolate to share!  I'm liking this trend of friends traveling and always returning with chocolates for me to try :)

This time she came back with chocolate from Milka, distributed throughout Europe.  I was not familiar with the brand before, but it seems quite large.  The internet tells me that the name is "mil" from the German word "Milch" and "ka" from "Kakao", or, milk and cocoa.  Cute!

Milka Triolade, or "Triangle".
First we tried the "Milka Triolade".

A layered bar, with a milk chocolate base, a white chocolate center layer, and dark chocolate triangles, hence the name "triolade", or, "triangle".

This was a decent piece of chocolate.  Each layer had its unique properties.  Standard milk chocolate base, sweet creamy white chocolate on top, both of equal size and thickness.  And then a smaller, triangle shaped, dark chocolate.  The dark chocolate was the most remarkable, really a smooth, deep flavor.

Altogether, quite enjoyable, and the overall result was certainly better than any individual layer.
Milka Toffee Ganznuss, or "Toffee Wholenut".
Next we went for the "Toffee Ganzuss", descried as "Alpine milk chocolate with a caramel creme filling with added whole hazelnuts"

This was a VERY sweet chocolate.  The milk chocolate on both sides was incredibly smooth and creamy.  Inside is a white filling, very sweet, I am guessing this is the "caramel creme"?  Or at least the cream.  Then there is additional gooey caramel, super flavorful and sweet.  And, a whole hazelnuts in the center of each square.

A wonderful combination of flavors, and textures, but very sweet.  My favorite of the two bars we tried.
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