Thursday, December 12, 2013

Silk Shortbread

Silk shortbreads are made in Arizona of all places.  The company was founded by a woman who spent time in England, and missed the amazingness of pure butter shortbreads when she returned to the US.  So, she started a company making shortbreads, with the simple recipe of flour, sugar, and quality butter.  No preservatives, etc.  She makes several varieties.
Classic Shortbread, aka, Butter Cookie.
I tried several varieties.

I started with the Classic Shortbread.  It was a bit boring for me, just a shortbread.  The texture was ok, but a bit chalky.  I don't really know what it would take for a plain shortbread to wow me.  It was fine, but ... just a shortbread.  My favorite shortbreads are chocolate dipped with little chopped nuts, so if I had more of these, I'd need to spruce them up somehow.

I moved on to the Lemon Zest.  I could see bits of lemon zest, but didn't taste it.  It was again kinda chalky, and I didn't like this one.

I saved the best for last: Mango Coconut!  I really liked it.  It had tiny bits of dried mango, which gave it a bit of chew.  It had a strong coconut flavor.  The shortbread base seemed even more buttery.  I enjoyed this very much with a cup of tea.


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