Monday, March 24, 2014

Catering by Fuzio Universal Bistro

Fuzio is a restaurant located not far from my house, in Embarcadero Center.  But, I haven't actually dined at the restaurant.  If I had, you'd be reading this review on a Wednesday, rather than on Monday, catering review day!

I attended an event, held at Embarcadero Center, which Fuzio catered.  Ideal for them, as they didn't have far to go with the food, but from their web site, it appears that Fuzio does normally do catering too.  They also have a second location in Modesto.

So what is Fuzio?  Well, their full name is "Fuzio Universal Bistro", and, from reading their website and menu, they truly are trying to be universal!  They claim to mix fine dining and casual.  Yelp lists them as featuring Italian and Asian Fusion cuisine.  And the menu?  All over the place.  American dishes like burgers and sandwiches are listed alongside Italian pastas, pizzas, and chicken parmesan, plus fish & chips for the pub goers, Mediteranean style grilled salmon, soups, and salads for the health conscious, and a bunch of Asian inspired appetizers.  I guess, a little something for everyone?  I find it hard believe that they could possibly do all of this well.  But, as I haven't been to the real restaurant, I'll withhold judgement.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls.
They had a few different items to offer, but, being a lover of sweet chili sauce, I was immediately drawn to the spring rolls: "soft rice paper, vegetables, cilantro, mint, grilled chicken, ginger-carrot salad and sweet chili sauce".

The spring roll had fallen apart before I even touched it, which I'll blame the catering aspect of their offering on.  Hopefully when served at the restaurant, this does not happen?  I guess "soft rice paper" really did mean SOFT though.  The filling was primarily vermicelli noodles, which is interesting, given that they weren't listed as an ingredient (although a standard for spring rolls obviously).  The noodles overwhelmed everything else.  I'm always grumpy when rolls have the balance of mix of ingredients so off like this.  There was plenty of crispy cabbage, which I guess counts as the "vegetables" in the description, but nothing else.  I didn't actually have the chicken, since I dislike chicken, and just picked it out.  Overall, I mostly just tasted vermicelli noodles, and I was unimpressed.

The sweet chili sauce was tasty though, pretty much exactly what you'd expect, but, a messy pile of noodles with sweet chili sauce isn't exactly a recommendation.
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