Sunday, March 16, 2014

Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

Another day, another co-worker returns from a trip abroad with chocolates to share.  This time, boozy Swiss truffles for Zurich.

His offering was from Läderach Chocolatier Suisse.  Chocolate has been in the Läderach family since the 1920's, and the company has been handed down generation by generation.  That is about all I know.  Well, besides the fact that they make tasty truffles, and are only available in Switzerland and Germany.  I was particularly impressed by how good the creamy milk chocolate shells were, and the consistency of the creamy fillings.
24er Truffes mit Alkohol: Milch, Cocos, Baileys, Dunkel, Weiss, Marc de Champagne (L-R).
  • Truffes Milch: "Truffle made from milk chocolate (at least 36% cocoa) and dark chocolate (at least 52% cocoa), with a milk truffle filling."  Tasting notes: Very smooth milk chocolate filling.  A simple truffle, but well made, high quality, with lovely milkiness, if you like milk chocolate.
  • Truffes Cocos: "Truffle made from milk chocolate (at least 36% cocoa) and white chocolate, with a Batida de Coco truffle filling." Tasting notes: Smooth creamy milk chocolate shell, with a sweet creamy filling, more liquidy than the others, but not explosive.  The filling had a good coconut flavor to it, and was slightly boozy.  I really liked the chocolate, coconut, and booze flavor combinations, and this was my favorite of the truffles, but it was certainly a sweet choice.
  • Truffes Baileys:  "Truffle made from milk chocolate (at least 36% cocoa), bittersweet chocolate (at least 52% cocoa) and white chocolate, with a Baileys truffle filling and a dash of Scotch whisky."  Tasting notes: The same creamy milk chocolate shell as the others, that I really liked, even though it was clearly a milk chocolate.  Inside was a smooth milk chocolate, clearly boozy, clearly Bailey's.  A very nice piece, particularly if you are in the mood for a hit of booze!
  • Truffes Dunkel: "Truffle made from bittersweet chocolate (at least 52% cocoa) and dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), with a dark truffle filling." Tasting notes: I usually like dark chocolate more than milk, but here I didn't find the dark very remarkable. The bittersweet shell was much sweeter than I expected.  The filling was smooth and darker, but it just wasn't very complex.  It was only a mediocre dark chocolate, while their milk chocolate was stellar.
  • Truffes Weiss: "Truffle made from white chocolate with a white truffle filling."  Tasting notes: I didn't get to try this one, I had to share with others ... boo hiss.
  • Truffes Marc de Champagne: "Truffle made from bittersweet chocolate (at least 52% cocoa), with a Marc de Champagne truffle filling."  Tasting notes: Rolled in white powdered sugar, surrounded by a milk chocolate shell like most of the truffles.  Inside was a smooth chocolate filling, with another creamy, boozy filling in the center.  I wasn't entirely sure what the booze was in it until I looked it up later, but it was too delicate to be rum, so I wasn't surprised to learn it was champagne.
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