Sunday, November 09, 2014

Hawaiian Host Chocolates

Hawaiian Host is a confectioner from Hawaii, specializing in products using macadamia nuts.  They make plain, salted nuts, but most of their products involve chocolate in some form or another.  When co-workers have returned from Hawaii I know they've brought the macadamias, plain and chocolate coated before, and I never really cared for them.  But, Hawaiian Host is "World Famous" and has been around since 1927, so when I saw them at L & H Hawaiian BBQ in San Francisco, I couldn't resist picking up a few treats, since I love trying new chocolates.  Sadly, I didn't like them any more than the low quality macaroni salad from L & H either ...
Maui Caramacs®.
Hawaiian Host makes a large number of Caramacs®, all featuring roasted macadamias, caramel, and chocolate.  Kona Caramacs® add Kona coffee to the caramel and Coconut Caramacs® infuse the caramel with coconut and are dusted in additional coconut, but I had the originals, Maui Caramacs®.

I really didn't like them.  The caramel was too chewy, the macadamias bitter, and the chocolate unremarkable.
MacNut Crunch.
I moved on to the MacNut Crunch, "dry-roasted macadamia nuts and crisped rice covered in rich milk chocolate".

I also didn't like these.  The nuts were again bitter, and the rice was crispy, but not enjoyable.  Same mediocre chocolate.
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