Friday, March 20, 2015

Nippy's Flavuored Milk.

Last week, I reviewed OAK milk, a line of flavored milk in Australia.  This week, we move on to Nippy's, another Australian, single serve, flavored milk brand.

The products look quite different.  OAK milk comes in individual plastic bottles, Nippy's in juice-box form with straws.  Personally, I find the juice-box style far more fun to drink out of!  OAK milks are all made from full fat milk (sans the light line), whereas Nippy's are reduced fat milk.  Both come in all the standard flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but Nippy's has some other fun ones, including Coffee, Mocha, Banana, and ... Honeycomb (which, sadly, I never found).

Anyway, I preferred drinking out of the Nippy's boxes but flavor and consistency-wise, I preferred OAK.  I'm sure it was just the full fat, but, it makes a difference.
Iced Coffee.
I tried only 3 flavors of Nippy's.

I started with the iced coffee, as I was jetlagged, and wanted caffeine.  It tasted like coffee and milk.  No more, no less.  Not particularly notable.  A few days later I tried one again, and I was even less impressed.

Next, I moved on to the ice chocolate.  It was ... just chocolate milk.  Not particularly exciting.  I preferred the OAK brand chocolate milk, as it had a far more intense chocolate flavor. {LINK}

And finally, iced vanilla malt.  I saved the best for last!  This one I really enjoyed.  Yes, it is just vanilla milk, but it is quite tasty vanilla milk.  I liked it far more than the OAK vanilla malt.  It almost tastes like melted ice cream, which is just totally delicious.  I found it really quite satisfying and decadent tasting, the only flavor of Nippy's that I'd want another of.  Now, I just need to find that iced honeycomb one sometime!
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