Friday, March 13, 2015

OAK Milk

OAK is a brand of flavored milk sold throughout Australia, available in a slew of varieties: chocolate, coffee, strawberry, vanilla malt, banana, and seasonal egg nog.  They also make "no added sugar" and "light" versions of a couple of the flavors, but most are full cream, full fat, very sugary, beverages.

Flavored milk may seem like a strange thing for me to review, except, you see, I have a weakness for flavored milk.  All through high school, I always had Carnation Instant Breakfast on my way out the door.  I could never decide which flavor was my favorite.  Some days it was chocolate malt, others it was strawberry, and sometimes, even vanilla.  I strangely never got sick of it (at least, that is my memory).  I had a shaker thing to mix it up in, so it got all frothy ... mmm, almost like a milkshake!

Anyway, back to OAK.  The office I was working at in Sydney had fridges stocked with these milks, and I got a bit addicted.  Sydney tends to bring out my inner child, as I revel in the ice cream treats, chocolates, and apparently, flavored milks.  If you happen to be in Australia, and like flavored milk, I recommend!
I started with the strawberry.

It was quite sweet, and tasted like fake strawberry ... but I liked it.  I totally reminded me of Carnation Instant Breakfast, although a far less healthy version.

I had this flavor several times during my visit, and every time, I really liked it.  And every time, I thought it tasted fake, but that wasn't a turnoff.  Sometimes .... fake can be good.
Vanilla Malt.
Next, vanilla.  Well, not just vanilla, vanilla malt.  Even better.

The first time I had one, I thought it was sweet, a bit malty, and quite tasty.  But the next time I really didn't like it, it was too sweet and I didn't care for the thickness.  I guess I'm fickle?

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And finally, chocolate!

I also liked this.  Yes, it was just chocolate milk, but I liked it more than the Nippy's version (the other brand of flavored milks the office had).  This was far more chocolatey.
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