Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sweet Millie's Bakery

Sweet Millie's Bakery is a wholesale bakery located in Berkeley.  They make mostly cookies, including the classics (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and rainbow M&M), plus a vegan cookie, along with brownies and coffee cake.  They distribute all over the Bay Area, mostly to coffee shops.

Most of their items aren't particularly interesting to me, since I'm not a big cookie fan, but, a while ago I stumbled into Nervous Dog Coffee in Bernal Heights (which, sadly, is now closed), and I wanted a treat.

I didn't see anything I really wanted, since, cookies aren't my thing, but they were offering free credits on LevelUp, so I took a gamble.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Dipped Cookie.  $2.
While I don't necessarily like cookies, I do like chocolate, and I sure love peanut butter.  A chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie sounded like pretty much the best type of cookie there could be.

It was a very large cookie.  It had decent peanut butter flavor, with little bits of peanut in it, and a bit of salt to amp it up.  It fell right in the middle of the soft vs hard spectrum, harder than I'd like, but not crispy.  The chocolate coated side had a very thick layer of chocolate, which of course paired perfectly with the peanut butter.

It was a decent cookie for what it was, but not particularly remarkable.  The cookies were all individually wrapped to maintain freshness, which seemed to work, but I'm sure this was at least several days old.

I wouldn't get another, but the $2 price for such a large cookie was reasonable.


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