Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Catering Aboard Air Berlin, PMI-ZHR

Remember when I went to Mallorca almost two years ago?  You read all about my impressive First Class flight from SFO to London on British Airways (including really delicious waffles for breakfast), and the less impressive afternoon tea service on my business class flight from London to Barcelona.  And you heard about the cocktails on the beach at Playero, the epic trek across town to Club de Golf Alcanada, and even Michelin star dining at Jardín.

But somehow I forgot to publish one dining experience: the food served aboard my flight leaving Mallorca, bound for a work conference in Zurich, aboard Air Berlin.

We flew economy, because that was the only option.  The food was ... interesting.  Perhaps I didn't find this noteworthy enough to publish before?
Cheese Sandwich.
We were served one meal.

I was given the option: "Cheese or meat”.  No further description.  I didn't even know I was picking between types of sandwiches, let alone what type of "meat" or cheese it would be.  I went for cheese, having no real idea what I was getting.

It was a sandwich.  Served in a bag.

Oh boy.  The bread was a dark roll, a bit soggy, not exactly fresh, but shockingly, not horrible.
Inside the cheese sandwich.
Inside was sliced cheese, as expected given the name.  But it also had a really interesting spread, which seemed to be mayo based, plus a plethora of crunchy veggies.  There were bits of red peppers, shredded carrots, and many others that I couldn’t identify, but also things like corn kernels.  A random mix, for sure.

I didn’t hate this.  Sure, the bread part was pretty awful, but the inside was kinda like a egg salad sandwich, just without the egg ... only the mayo and tasty bits.  I did actually quasi enjoy this.


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