Friday, July 22, 2016

Drake's Cakes

Growing up, on the rare occasions when I had packaged sweet snacks (my mom nearly always had a full cookie jar of fresh baked goods, so, why go for packaged?), I was team Little Debbie all the way.  I LOVED the Nutty Bars (because, chocolate and peanut butter!).  The nut topped Fudge Brownies, warmed up with a scoop of ice cream was a favorite treat.  I enjoyed unraveling the Pecan Spinwheels and eating them center-out.  I even liked the Oatmeal Cream Pies.  It turns out, I still have a fondness for most of the Little Debbie products that I've re-tried more recently as an adult.

But my dad was team Drake's.  Specifically, Devil Dogs.  I never liked them.  I still don't.  But on a recent visit, I found that he had expanded his repertoire.  His snack shelf now included another Drake's product: coffee cakes.  These sounded more promising.

Oh, to back up, I was assuming you are familiar with Drake's Cakes and Little Debbie.  They both make a variety of packaged baked goods, the kind that get slipped into lunch boxes or lunch pails.  In our family, they were backups for when the cookie jar ran empty.  I think Drake's is more limited to the east coast, and is smaller distribution than Little Debbie and Hostess.
Coffee Cake.
"There's only one Drake's Coffee Cake. Classic round Drake's coffee cake topped with plenty of sweet, cinnamon-flavored streusel."

I sometimes really get in the mood for coffee cake.  Its a strange craving for sure, as I don't really like cake in general, and particularly not cake without amazing frosting, but, every once in a while I really want coffee cake.  Now, to be fair, what I likely want is streusel topping, not cake.

So when I saw my dad had a box of these, I uh, helped myself to one.

The cakes were fairly thin, hard to tell from this angle.  The cake was very very generic white pound cake.  It wasn't moist nor dry.  It had no flavor.  It was just ... there.  Totally inoffensive, but also, totally uninteresting.  At least it didn't taste like plastic?

The streusel was ok.  Crumbles of brown sugar.  I liked the slight crunch it provided, and I liked the sweetness and flavor.  I wanted to just scrape it off and eat it, leaving the boring cake behind, just like when I got coffee cake at Panera.

The coffee cakes come two to a pack.  If you were having them for breakfast, one is certainly not enough.  Or if you really liked them I suppose, one is not enough.  But since I wasn't that into them, I only wanted one.

I guess I'm glad I tried one, but, I won't find myself stealing one of these again.


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