Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Club Europe, BA951, MUC-LHR

The flight: BA 951, MUC-LHR
Travel class: Club Europe
Departure time: 1:50pm
Meal served: lunch
Previous BA Club Europe meal reviews: Tea service on ZRH-LHR, tea service on LHR-BCN

This was my first time having lunch on a shorter haul BA flight, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  The answer?  Salad and dessert.

Meal service began shockingly fast once airborn, given the less than 2 hour flight time.  The FA came through row by row offering up trays with the salad and dessert on them already, plus a cup for coffee later.  He took drink orders at that time, returned with a bread basket moments later, and delivered the drinks soon after.  Very efficient for our small cabin.
Asian Style Chicken Salad, Chocolate and White Chocolate Mousse Cup.
The entree was described as an "Asian style chicken salad".

It had three pieces of sliced, chilled chicken, that I did not try, as I hate chicken.

The greens were standard BA greens, not very good, but, at least assorted greens.  They weren't dressed, and no dressing was provided, although other elements on the plate had some flavor.  The other basic salad components were a single cherry tomato and chunk of red pepper.

The more interesting components were a side dish of marinated, slimy, mushy eggplant, mushy cucumber slices in thick yogurt, and some kind of extremely bitter, slimy greens with perhaps tahini on them.

Clearly, I wasn't so into this, but I had done my research and expected a salad, so I packed other food for myself.

The dessert however was another story.  I can't say I've been impressed with BA desserts in general, particularly the "sweet treat" offered during tea service on Club Europe routes, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a "real" dessert, a layered creation of chocolate and white chocolate mouse, with chocolate cake crumbles on top.

It was ... actually really tasty.  Both layers of mousse were light and fluffy.  It wasn't the richest, chocolatiest mousse ever, but, it was good.  The cake crumbles on top did get a bit soggy, but, this also kinda worked.  I enjoyed it with my coffee I brought on board.

Overall, with my own cheese and charcuterie platter and this dessert, I was happy enough.


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