Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Burger King, Munich

On my recent trip to Munich, I walked by Burger King one day, just out of curiosity.  I always love to see what different items Burger King, McDonald's, and the like have in other countries.  It has become a bit of a tradition for me to visit a fast food place while traveling, just to try out something new.  Sometimes, you find real gems, like the Croque McDo in France!

I was tempted by items at both Burger King and McDonalds, like the chocolate McToast for breakfast at McDonalds or the Whoppers on red or black buns at Burger King, but, I never wound up with the opportunity to visit until my last night in Munich.  I went out to a big dinner, a huge, heavy dinner at Zum Dürnbräu.  We ordered dessert, 3 different desserts in fact.  The dessert was good.  We didn't need more.  As we left the restaurant, the group split into several smaller groups, some going off to a tiki bar, others to another bar, and others to walk back to hotels.

I mentioned that Burger King had waffles to the hotel group, and, somehow, the next thing I knew, a group of 4 was going to accompany me to the Burger King en route.  This was particularly amusing given that we'd just finished dinner, but, with 4 of us, we knew we could try "just a bite" of the waffle, and leave the country with our (ok, my) curiosity satisfied.

Let's just say ... it was a success.  Honestly.  The waffle far exceeded my expectations.
Warme Belgische Waffel. 2.39€.
Moments after ordering, my precious waffle was handed over in a plastic tray.  I was shocked by several things.  First, how quickly it arrived.  I know this is fast food, and that is the point, but, how did they get it ready so fast?  It was seriously less than a minute after I ordered that my waffle showed up in the window, and then other worker grabbed it, added my toppings, and handed it to me within a few more seconds.

The other shock is that it was quite warm.  Now, my very limited German did lead me to believe that my "Warme Belgische Waffel" was going to be, er, warm, but, I was still surprised by how warm it was.  Anyway.

With my warm waffle in hand, I quickly brought it over to my table of awaiting diners.  The first took the plastic fork and tried to cut a chunk off just with the fork.  He broke the tines of fork in half.  We had only one fork, because I had no idea how to ask for more in German.  Now, we had half a fork, and a knife, less than ideal.

He still managed to get a small bite cut off, added a little ice cream, and dug in.  He seemed pleasantly surprised, declaring that it was "Just like Cinnabon!" (Side note: he loves Cinnabon).  I was slightly confused because I didn't think the waffle was going to be cinnamon flavored, and someone else pressed him on this.  He then told us that no, it wasn't that it was cinnamon flavored, it was just ... like Cinnabon.  I had no idea what he meant exactly.

The next person dug in, using the plastic knife to cut off a chunk.  This worked much better.  He also seemed pleasantly surprised as he took the bite.

Finally, patiently, I got my turn (yes, they all dared go before me!)  I guess my facial expressions totally gave away how I felt about it.  Well, huh.  It was ... really good.

The waffle was warm and sugary and caramelized.  Did it have a perfectly crisp exterior?  Nah.  Was it a little bit soft and a somewhat strange reheated texture?  Yeah, and that is what made it hard to cut (and, perhaps, what made him think of Cinnabon?)  But, the caramelization was nice, and it was warm and doughy ...

The chocolate sauce was just standard thin chocolate syrup that they use for sundaes, and I think I was supposed to have the option of caramel or chocolate, but, I missed that part.  I wasn't really a fan of the watery chocolate sauce.

The ice cream was vanilla soft serve, standard fast food style, which is to say, pretty darn good.  Say what you want, but, fast food chains tend to make pretty decent vanilla soft serve.

So put it all together, and you have a warm, doughy, sugary base, and a cold, creamy ice cream on the side.  That ticks a lot of boxes for me.  A better sauce, and something crunchy, and I'd rave about it even more (like, the caramel sauce and nuts from sundae?)

Overall, really quite good, I'd totally have another, and I'm so glad we tried it.


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