Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Club Europe, BA 336, LHR-ORY

The flight: BA 336, LHR-ORY
Travel class: Club Europe
Departure time: 4:40 PM,
Meal served: Afternoon Tea.

Our final leg of the journey to Paris was on board BA 336, a A319 .  This was not my first time flying Club Europe, so I knew what to expect.  Skipping all the general preamble here, since you know know it by now.

The Cabin

Middle Seat - with fancy tray.
The seat was slightly nicer than what I’ve seen in the past.  The middle seat was blocked off, as is standard for Club Europe, but this time we had a nice tray in the middle, perfect for setting drinks throughout the flight.  The space under the seat was also large enough that both Ojan and I were able to stow our bags, keeping the space under our own seats free, greatly enhancing our foot space.

Service was friendly and efficient.  It started with an offer of a scented hot towel, something I noted was missing from our previous long haul flight.  I was really impressed with how quickly they got meal service going, but I guess it was kinda necessary, given the short flight time.


Afternoon tea on British Airways is always a bit sad.  A trio of dry, stale finger sandwiches on a plate/bowl with a spring of limp lettuce, a boxed “sweet treat” from Do&Co, and warm scones.  At least they have clotted cream.
Afternoon Tea.
The selection of sandwiches for the day was:
  • Cheese and chutney on white
  • Egg mayonaise with chives on rye
  • Tandoori chicken on wheat
I tried a nibble of each, and, as expected, the bread was totally stale.  The cheese and chutney was my favorite, but I couldn’t really identify what kind of cheese it was, nor what kind of chutney.  It reminded me of a non-grilled version of the grilled cheese my Dad always made with american cheese slices and relish.  The egg mayonnaise was a bit off putting because it was warm.  I didn’t try the tandoori chicken, because, well, chicken.

Also on the tray was the standard Wilkin & Sons strawberry jam, Rodda’s classic clotted cream, and whole milk to go with tea or coffee.

A basket came around with warm scones soon after, raisin or plain.  Again, no tongs, you had to reach in with your hand, as did everyone before you.

I opted for the raisin scone.  The scone was a standard BA scone.  Awesome?  No.  But tasty enough,  particularly when slathered with the entire pot of jam and clotted cream, and, uh, the unfinished clotted cream of your travel companion.

The "sweet treat" this time around was a new one for me, an orange hazelnut slice.  It wasn't good, but it wasn't awful.  Nice grittiness from the hazelnuts, orange flavors to accent, but certainly not a fresh baked good.


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