Friday, December 16, 2016

Kalise Ice Cream Novelties, France

Kalise is an ice cream manufacturer headquartered in Spain, primarily selling their novelties in Spain and Mallorca, but apparently also in France, which is where I discovered them, when visiting my office there.  One of my favorite parts of visiting offices worldwide is exploring their ice cream freezers, like Heartbrand ice creams in Munich, Mövenpick in Zurich, Streets in Australia, Nestlé in Canada, Hood on the east coast, and regional offerings from Ben & Jerry's in Munich). 

So, Kalise.  They make a large assortment of ice cream novelties, from bars, to cones, to icy pops, to even big rectangular blocks of ice cream.  Or, uh, as they say:
Kalise is the Ice Cream from the Islands, the ice cream that accompanies you through your day and gives you space to let your imagination fly.   It's waiting for you in kiosks and bars because it wants to stroll along the streets with you.  In different formats, flavours and shapes, so that everyone can find something they like.   It makes us so happy to see how you enjoy them that, every day, we keep on innovating, making sure that we offer you the best quality and the best service.
The items I tried were all bars, part of the Tarufo Plus line.  Tarufo Plus comes in a slew of varieties: White, Coconut, Almond, Black Jack, and Raspberry.  They were ... well, generic ice cream novelties.
Trufo Plus Blanco.
I started with the blanco, which seemed to be vanilla ice cream coated with white chocolate.

Unfortunately, it was pretty freezer burned when I got it, so, I can't really evaluate the quality of the ice cream itself.

The white chocolate shell though was sweet, creamy, and had a nice snap to it.  It wasn't crappy white chocolate.
Trufo Plus Almendrado.
I moved on to the Trufo Plus Almendrado, another base of vanilla ice cream, this time coated in milk chocolate with bits of almond.

This one wasn't freezer burned, but, the ice cream was very generic vanilla ice cream.  The milk chocolate shell was equally unoriginal, just standard, fairly low end, waxy milk chocolate.  I liked the crunch from the bits of almonds.


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