Friday, December 23, 2016

Mars Ice Cream, France

One of my favorite parts of visiting my offices worldwide is exploring the ice cream freezers, just to try out the local ice cream novelties, like Heartbrand ice creams in Munich, Mövenpick in Zurich, Streets in AustraliaNestlé in CanadaHood on the east coast, and regional offerings from Ben & Jerry's in Munich.  Last week, I reviewed the Trufo products I found in the freezers in my Paris office, but those freezers were very well stocked, and had many other options.

Like, Mars brand ice creams (which includes not just the ice cream versions of Mars bars, but also Snickers, Twix, Teasers, Galaxy, Bounty, and M&M).  I was only able to try to Mars products, but both were about as expected: ice cream versions of candy bars, pretty generic quality, but not bad.
Mars Caramel Beurre Salé.
Caramel beurre salé ... even my extremely limited French could piece this together.  Caramel. Butter Salt.  Salted caramel.
Mars Caramel Beurre Salé: Inside.
It was, as I expected, a Mars bar, in ice cream bar form: ice cream, salted caramel ribbon, chocolate shell.

The ice cream inside had no particular flavor to it, I think perhaps it was supposed to be "nougat" flavor?  The milk chocolate shell was standard quality for an ice cream confection.  However, the caramel was thick, gooey, sweet, and pretty delicious.

I liked the caramel, but everything else was pretty generic.
M&M Glace Vanille.
Next I went for cone, M&M branded.

The ice cream inside was vanilla, and it wasn't bad actually.  Fairly creamy, decent vanilla ice cream, but still just vanilla, and a bit boring.

The mini M&Ms were, well, mini M&Ms.

The cone was good though, very crispy, not soggy like some packaged cones get.

Overall, nothing wrong with this, but very boring.


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