Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Club Europe, BA 307, CDG-LHR

The flight: BA 307, CDG-LHR
Travel class: Club Europe
Departure time: 10:30 AM,
Meal served: Breakfast? Brunch?

For the first leg of my journey back to San Francisco from Paris, we boarded BA 307, an A321.  This was the same aircraft as our last flight, from Heathrow to Paris, again in Club Europe.  Not much to say here, comfortable enough seats, with the middle seat reserved between Ojan and I.

Meal service began as fast as humanly possible, which is necessary given the only 45 minute flight time.
No option for the meal, just a continental meat and cheese platter and passed bread basket with assorted rolls.  No danishes, croissants, or anything breakfasty, even though it was a morning departure.

Our platters had what was I think ham, salami, and perhaps prosciutto for meat options. I couldn't identify the single type of cheese, inoffensive cheddar I guess?  Also on the platter were two black olives and a cherry tomato, 2 chunks of hard boiled egg, and a dollop of a white cream.  We couldn’t figure out what it was.  It wasn’t sour cream. It wasn’t cream cheese.  Ojan thought it was Greek yogurt perhaps, but that makes no sense with everything else on the dish.

I didn’t like anything on this platter.  The charcuterie was flabby, the salami greasy, and the cheese flavorless.

I opted for the seeded roll, which was decent, served warm.

On the tray was butter, whole milk, salt and pepper, sugar, and a hand wipe.

It took a VERY long time for drinks to reach me in row 3.  I had my tray for a full 10 minutes, then the captain came on to announce that we were descending, and economy already had their drink service completed before a drink was offered to me.  I was parched, absolutely parched, and this was excruciating.  I eventually got my crappy instant decaf (that always tastes strangely chocolatey) and sparkling water.

Anyway, very lackluster “meal”, not that I needed it because I had breakfast in both the American Airline’s Admiral’s Club AND the Cathay Pacific lounge at the CDG airport, AND had breakfast at my hotel before that, and of course I was looking forward to more dining in the assorted lounges at Heathrow in just a few minutes ….
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