Thursday, April 13, 2017

Overnight Oats: Will if Waffle?

I waffle all my leftovers.  Ok, not quite all, but, most.  As you can see from my master post.  I'm skipping all the waffling background here, since I've covered it many times by now.  But if this idea is novel to you, go start with my earlier posts.
A crazy experiment.
This may be one of the more ridiculous attempts at waffling that I have made.  The base was overnight oats (aka, mushy cold oatmeal), with, uh, rainbow sprinkles added.  More on that soon.  I was experimenting, and I knew it.

It worked better than I expected, although, I wouldn't do this again.
The Original: Overnight Oats.
The original was overnight oats, made with almond milk, strawberry, and lemon zest.  I liked the oats the first day I had them, but by day two, they were a bit too soggy, and, honestly, boring.

So I added rainbow sprinkles for fun, sweetness, and texture.  But, the result still just wasn't great.  I ate most of the bowl, but, I reached a point of just not wanting any more.

I was about to simply throw them out, but the anti-food-waster in me got the better of me.  When in doubt ... waffle it?

My expectation was that any of three things could happen: 1) it wouldn't bind together, it would be a horrible mess, and I'd just throw it out, 2) it would make a hearty, oatmeal-y waffle, and that might be different at least, 3) it would turn more into an oatmeal cookie, which is something I had been wanting to try for a while anyway.  I had no idea which it would be.
Cooking Up Nicely!
So, into the waffle iron the "batter" went.  It actually was more waffle-batter like than most things I waffle, thick, and spread in easily.  I set the waffle iron to 350°, walked away to make more coffee, and laughed at myself.

When I returned to check on it, I was a bit surprised.  It was holding together perfectly.  It, uh, looked like a waffle?  Huh.
Waffled Oats!
It crisped up perfectly on the outside.  It extracted from the waffle iron with no problems.  Huh.  This was going better than I expected.

The inside however was still basically mush.  So, warm oatmeal mush inside a crispy exterior.  Kinda interesting, but, not particularly good.  I added butter and syrup, and ate it like a traditional waffle, and if it was certainly better than just the cold soggy leftover oats, but I didn't exactly like it.

I left a tiny chunk to cool, thinking of it more like a "cookie".  When I returned to it later, I was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn't a cookie exactly, but, it was much better cold, as the oatmeal inside got more solid, and formed more of a soft cookie than warm mushy oatmeal.  Again, not great, but better than expected.

So did it waffle?  Yes, but, I see no reason to actually do this.


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