Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Samosorn Thai, Sydney

Samosorn Thai is a "thai local food hall", located on the side of the food court in one of the Westfield malls in Sydney.  It is a spinoff of the ever popular Chat Thai chain, which I've visited many times over the years for their fascinating desserts.

Just like with most of my visits to Chat Thai, I went to Samosorn just to pick up a dessert to go, but I did take in the atmosphere.


Samosorn is adjacent to the food court, but, off to a side, so it is able to have its own decor and distinctive area.
Samosorn is more casual than the Chat Thai locations, as there is no formal table service.  All orders are taken at a register, and you are given a number and can go sit at any open table.  Food is brought to the tables as it is ready.

The registers also have a few packaged desserts to grab.
The full menu is on display above the little stations, as it is supposed to look like street food stalls, even though you order at the register, not at the stalls.  There is not a lot of space, and tables were snatched up as soon as they were free.  I was lucky I was planning to take my food to go anyway.


My visit was on a very hot afternoon, and I had my eyes set on one thing only: a refreshing dessert.  I placed my order to go, and stepped off to the side to wait.

After about 10 minutes, and no sign of dessert, I asked someone if I was supposed to be waiting somewhere else.  She asked, "oh, do you want it now?"  Confused, I said yes?  A few minutes later, it was brought over, in a big bowl ... to eat there.  I explained that I had ordered takeaway.  She came back soon later with it packaged up.  I'm really not sure what I did wrong in the ordering process ...

Many of the desserts on the menu were the same as ones I had tried at Chat Thai, so I selected the only one I hadn't yet tried that also had ice as an ingredient, since I wanted something refreshing.
Ruam Mit. $6.
"An assortment of jellies, candied seeds and pandan noodles in an aromatic coconut syrup with shaved ice."

In some ways, the ruam mit was similar to the Lodt Chong Nahm Kati I had from Chat Thai, with a coconut milk base, shaved ice, and pandan noodles.  The pandan noodles were soft and kinda fun to slurp up.  The milk base was very sweet, but not too sweet.  The ice made it refreshing.

But instead of black glutinous rice and taro, I was supposed to have "jellies" and "candied seeds".  I did not really have those things, but that doesn't mean I didn't have interesting other things floating along with the pandan noodles ...
Ruam Mit: Inside.
What did I have inside, along with those light green pandan noodles?

Pink noodles, that were exactly the same size and texture as the pandan noodles.  I'm not sure what flavor they were supposed to be.

And then, slices of an orange fruit, I believe jackfruit?  This was similiar to the orange fruit I had in the khao dtom nahm woon, also from Chat Thai, before.  I really liked these.

And last, the pink balls, which I'm pretty sure were tapioca coated water chestnuts, just like I had in the Tup Tim Grob, except these were actually good.  They were crisp and crunchy, with a slightly soft exterior.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this.  It was refreshing on a hot day, sweet but not totally insanely sweet, and full of interesting ingredients of assorted textures.  I did still sorta wish it had jellies and candied seeds as described though, but as always, I didn't necessarily expect the dessert to match the description, this was a Chat Thai establishment after all ...
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