Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Davigel Liège Waffles

Davigel is a wholesale French distributor for hotels, restaurants, and catering.  Their product line is astounding.  They carry fully cooked entrees ranging from chicken curry, to lasagna, to moussaka, to boeuf bourguignon, and everything in-between.  They have raw seafood and meats of all types.  They have cheese, vegetables, and even chopped herbs.  They have a slew of appetizers and side dishes.  They have savory pastries and desserts of all types.

I haven't been able to find out much about Davigel online, as the website is entirely in French (or Italian), but they distribute through the wholesale company my office purchases from, which is how I got my hands on some when I was running a catered event.

I picked Davigel for the liège waffles, given, well, my obsession with waffles.  I'm not sure if they actually produce the items, or only distribute, as the country of origin is listed as Belgium.   Catering waffles might not sound appealing, but I'm not talking about frozen Eggo waffles.  I know liège waffles can be really good, even when not fresh (my office in Sydney has some they use for catering that I adore, and they are always a highlight at the Sheraton on the Park executive lounge when they show up).

The Davigel waffles are distributed frozen, with instructions to simply thaw for 30 minutes.  They can be served cold, and heated in the microwave or oven.  I tried some warmed, and at room temperature.
Gaufre de Liège (Liège Waffle).
"Particulary moist waffle, which does not dry. Ideal for buffets, brunch, or create your own dessert."

Our catering team served them warm, and I grabbed one right when they came out, so I was able to try one warmed up first, although I really don't generally think liège waffles need to be served warm.

I was pleasantly surprised.  Just like I knew was possible, these waffles were quite enjoyable, even though not a fresh baked waffle.  They were crispy, dense, and had a great level of sugar and caramelization (aka, the hallmarks of a liège style waffle).
With Nutella!
They were fine plain, but I asked to have Nutella served on the side (this is how my Sydney office serves them at catering events, as little liège waffle sandwiches with Nutella and chopped nuts inside, and I always love that combo).  The Nutella was a huge hit, although you could tell people felt a bit guilty at breakfast.  They would also be good dusted with powdered sugar.

I had one later cold as well.  It was fine then too, and they held up throughout the day (well, as long as they lasted!)

The individual waffles aren't particularly large, and somehow manage to clock in nearly 500 calories, and 25 grams of both sugar and fat each ... without any toppings.  Oooph.  I guess that is the margarine kicking in ...
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