Friday, June 16, 2017


"Whole Food Protein Bars with Real Ingredients."
Yup, another day, another type of snack bar to review.  RXBAR is a line of high protein bars made with real ingredients, gluten-free, soy free, yadda, yadda, yadda.  I often roll my eyes at these sorts of things, but these truly are made with real ingredients, or, as they say, "like eating 3 egg whites, 2 dates, and 6 almonds. With no B.S."

RXBAR currently comes in 8 varieties, all with egg whites, different nuts, and dates as the base.  The flavors sound pretty good, like peanut butter, coconut chocolate, maple sea salt, mint chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, and more.
Coffee Chocolate.
"Our Coffee Chocolate protein bar brings two favorites together in one delicious bar. Four core whole food ingredients, infused with 100% real chocolate and the perfect balance of coffee make this bar an instant favorite of both coffee and chocolate lovers. With no added sweeteners and only a hint of caffeine (5mg.), this is your anytime, chocolate and coffee break."

I tried the (now discontinued) coffee chocolate flavor.

The ingredients in this bar really are real ingredients, as promised: egg whites, almonds, and cashews for protein, dates for sweetener, cacao and coffee for the flavor, and a hint of salt.  That is it.  No random protein isolates, no scary ingredients.

But, as you can imagine, what do you get when you combine just those things?  Yup, you get a very strange texture and flavor, like the original Clif bars (or, at least how I remember them).  Dense, gummy, just ... odd.

There was a bit of crunch from bits of nuts, and some decent flavor from the coffee and chocolate, but, yeah, this was not for me.

On the plus side, it did have 12 grams of protein with no crazy ingredients, and was a decent 210 calories, but I didn't want another.
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