Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Waffling Leftovers: Halloumi

Yup, another installment of waffling leftovers.

This time featuring an item commonly grilled: halloumi!  Except, well, leftover of course.
Waffled Leftover Halloumi Transformation.
This was a slam dunk, as are many items that are frequently grilled.  A waffle iron really does work just like a grill, in many ways.

Leftover Halloumi: Will it Waffle?  YES!
The Original: Seared Halloumi.
The original was slices of pan seared halloumi.

Crispy exterior, slightly squeaky, salty, melty cheese, delicious.  Standard, good, halloumi.
I threw it into the waffle iron, 350 degrees.

It looked great as it cooked, and didn't take long at all.

It extracted easily, no problems.
Waffled Halloumi.
This came out great.

Crispy bits from where the waffle iron made contact, slightly melty, hot and fresh.

It was better than the original actually, and no degradation of quality from being a couple days old, and previously cooked.

Waffling halloumi success!
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