Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Waffling Leftovers: Hotdogs

Yes, I waffle my leftovers.  Sometimes I pick strange items to attempt to waffle, mostly because I don't see any other way to salvage the leftovers.  This is a story of one of those times.
Leftover Hot Dog Transformation.
Will it Waffle: Leftover Turkey Hot Dogs?  Yeah, I guess, but, still a leftover hot dog.
The Original: Turkey Hot Dogs.
The original form was turkey hot dogs, grilled on the bbq.

A secret love of mine, really.  I don't like turkey normally, but I adore turkey hot dogs.  I like them far more than beef hot dogs.  Bonus points if they are corn dogs, but, regular turkey hot dogs make me a happy camper.

The originals were great, fresh off the grill, nice char marks on some (for those who like them that way).  I enjoyed one very much.

But of course, there were leftovers.
Leftover Turkey Hot Dog.
A leftover, fully cooked, hot dog is not a glorious thing.

I had selected a super charred one, since that is how I like them, and it basically was just a shriveled up sad looking thing.  I certainly didn't want it cold, and I was skeptical it would be very good just heated back up in microwave or toaster oven.
Waffling ...
So, into the waffle iron it went, 350 degrees.

Not that it needed more grill marks, but, the waffle iron added to the existing ones, creating a waffle pattern.

I let it go a few minutes, and then removed it.
Waffled Leftover Hot Dog!
The result?

Yup, even more charred, again, as I like it.  Lots of crispness to the exterior.  The hot dog stayed fairly juicy inside.

It was however ... still a leftover hot dog.   I can't say it was magical this way, but it was probably better than another reheating method? 
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