Friday, October 27, 2017

Doisy & Dam

Doisy & Dam is a UK based chocolate maker.  Their tag line is that they make "superdelish" chocolate, that is, chocolate that is healthy, with minimum 8% superfoods, but also tasty.  The company is named after two scientists who won a Nobel prize in 1943 and studied health and nutrition.  The bars are all organic, gluten-free, soy free, etc.

I believe I discovered their goods on a flight, perhaps Virgin Atlantic?  I didn't seek them out, but, once I had a new chocolate in front of me, I obviously had to try it.

The list of chocolate bars Doisy & Dam makes does not read like any other chocolate selections.  Goji & orange.  Mulberries, black sesame, & spirulina. Quinoa, smoked tea, & vanilla. Coconut & lucuma.  The list goes on and on, with hemp seed, poppy seeds, sprouted buckwheat, dates and many other healthy foods in the mix.  Some are 74% dark (and vegan), others 39% milk, and one is white chocolate.

The bar I picked was the least crazy sounding of all their varieties though - maca, vanilla, & cocoa nib.  Maca obviously isn't standard, but, the others seemed fitting for a chocolate bar.
Maca, vanilla, & cocoa nibs.
"This vegan chocolate perfectly balances the bitter chocolatey crunch of cacao nibs with the sweet vanilla, finished off with a kick of maca root to give you an extra boost! Doisy and Dam are taking the yawn out of the phrase ‘healthy chocolate’, creating indulgent vegan chocolate bars which will more than satisfy your cravings."

The packaging was a bit different, a bar-shaped box that you needed to open, and then the bar itself was wrapped in foil.  Once unpackaged, I found a shiny dark chocolate bar made of 8 distinct chunks.

I broke one chunk off.  It did not have a nice snap to it.  I tasted it.  The texture was rather chalky.  The flavor was ok, very ... fudgey, like a rich brownie perhaps.  I did like the crunch from nibs.  But for me, the texture ruined it.

I shared some with co-workers to hear their reports.  The verdicts?

  • "It was chocolate, it was good."
  • "Not smooth."
  • "Thumbs in the middle, it is fine."
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