Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Waffling Leftovers: Corn Dogs

I've shared my feelings on waffling just plain hot dogs before, but of course, I've also tried waffling corn dogs.  Many times.  Because, well, it works.  And corn dogs are awesome.  And I often have extra corn dogs.
Corn Dogs.
The originals are generally State Fair brand corn dogs.  Classic corn dogs.  Honey batter corn bread coating, turkey/chicken/pork dogs inside.
Leftover Corn Dogs.
They are good in their regular form of course (best when fried!), but what do you do when you have extras?

No one wants a cold corn dog.
Grilled Corn Dog.
You thought I was going to say waffle them, didn't you?

Well, I was, but it turns out, I don't have any photos of the ones I waffled.  I'm not sure why.  I think I get too excited about my corn dogs to wait long enough to take a picture.  But believe me, it works: the outside gets crispy, inside warms up.

One time I used the grill plates of my waffle iron instead.  That worked too, perhaps better, as the iron had more contact points, and thus made lots of crispy bits, which I really liked.

So overall, yes, a fine way to re-heat a corn dog, but, it didn't really transform it.  Besides having  satisfying crunch from the contact points, this was no different from a baked corn dog.
Waffled Corn Dog Slices.
One day, I decided to get more creative.  My goal was to make, uh, corn dog croutons, that I could throw on top of my salad.  I'm not sure why I thought this sounded awesome, but it did, so I wanted to do it.

So, to answer the new question: Waffled Corn Dog Slices, Will It Waffle?

YES!  Much better than a full size corn dog.  So much crispy.
Leftover Corn Dog Slices.
This was pretty simple.  I took a leftover corn dog, removed the stick, and cut it into slices.
Waffled Corn Dog Slices.
Into the iron they went, 350 degrees, pressed down hard.

A few minutes of sizzling later, and they were ready to go.  They came off the grill easily, although, suffered a bit in that the batter did separate on some.

Besides breaking apart a bit, these were a total success.  Both the hot dog and the corn bread wrappers got crazy crispy, just like, well, croutons.  I threw some on top of my Caesar salad for protein (total justification for eating hot dogs, right?) and crunch.

The next day, I did another batch, not to put on salad, but just to eat, so not left in quite as long as I wasn't trying to make croutons.  I still let them go long enough to really crisp up the cornbread and the hot dog though ... this is perfect for those who love to cook hot dogs until they split wide open (which, uh, I do).

I ate them as finger food, dunked in ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayo as I pleased.  I really liked the fun eating factor of the slices, and honestly think I might just do this with leftover corn dogs from now on.

Complete success, as a snack, or, uh, a crouton.
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