Friday, December 15, 2017

Sorren Snacks, UK

"We're Soreen, and we're full of squidgy energy!"
Uh, yeah.

I think I'm missing some cultural relevance to these snack foods from the UK, but, I did find them interesting.

The best I can tell, Soreen makes "squidgy" loaves of snacking bread?  High energy, good source of fiber, rich in vitamins, not messy or crumbly.  I think all are malt based, but they come in flavors ranging from the classic malt to chocolate & blood orange.

I tried the lunchbox size only, little loaves designed to throw into children's lunch boxes I guess, but I don't think the products are very different based on size.
"Keep the Lunchbox Police happy with these individually wrapped loaves, they meet school lunchbox standards and are low in fat."

They were ... squidgy? 
Lunchbox Malt Loaf.
"There’s nothing like sitting down with a nicely buttered slice and enjoying it with a decent cuppa!"

This was a very strange item.

It looked ... horrible.  Burnt?

The texture was also totally strange, a bit chewy, a bit gummy, dense inside, slightly crispy outside.  I have never experienced anything like it.  Now that I see the "squidgy" marketing, I think this is what it refers to?

The flavor though, and eating experience, was instantly familiar.  It reminded me of Boston Brown Bread ... you know, the stuff from a can?  The texture was different, but, it was a similar concept of a sorta molasses-like bread studded with raisins.

I think it might be good warm? Or toasted? Or slathered with butter?  Kinda like a breakfast bread.  Or ... taken another direction, soaked in caramel and topped with whipped cream.  But I had it plain, unfortunately.
Banana Lunchbox Loaf.
"‘Go Bananas’ for the perfect mid morning snack!"

Next I tried the banana loaf.

It was the same shape, but, a lighter color.

It too was ... fascinating and strange.  The texture was almost like ... mochi?  Again, uh, squidgy?

So odd.  It did have a nice banana flavor to it, and much like the malt version, I think might be good toasted.
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