Friday, December 22, 2017

Vidalia Snack Foods

I love snacks.  Sweet, savory, it doesn't matter.  I just love munching on things all day long.   I'm not necessarily a chips person, but homemade assorted Chex mixes and flavored popcorns are my nemesis.

I do know how bad it is to eat gallons of caramel corn though, so sometimes I try to find healthier alternatives.

When I was in the grocery store one day, I saw Vidalia brand veggie snacks.  They had "sweet potato fries", baked items that looked like fries on the package, but I know certainly weren't, but also, "Sweet Onion Petals".  They looked like a Bloomin' Onion on the package, and I knew they wouldn't be that, but the idea of a savory, onion-y, snack drew me in.  Plus, they were baked not fries, and clearly a better choice for when I got the onion munchies than a can of French's french fried onions (wait, you don't just eat those by the jarful?  Gulp).
"All onions are not created equal.  From their accidental discovery in the 1930s, to their hand planted and hand harvest practices today, Sweet Vidalia® Onions are world famous.  The South Georgia soil at Bland Farms produces this flavorful, mild and sweet onion with unmatched taste."
I actually had no idea that Vidalia brands made snack foods, as I've known them exclusively for the namesake onions, which I remember my mom discovering when I was younger, and always talking about the "sweet Vidalias".   But they do.  In addition to the sweet potato fries and onion petals I saw, they also make onion flavored potato chips and other items.  I didn't explore the full product line though.
Sweet Onion Petals.
"Vidalia® Brands Sweet Onion Petals are made with Real Vidalia® Onion Puree offering your taste buds the superior quality, taste, and experience that you’ve come to expect from our products.  These delectable snacks are not only tasty, but they are baked, not fried, allowing for a sweet indulgence that fits into any diet!"

They were kinda boring.  Certainly more like chips than fried onions.  Corn meal is the first ingredient.  Sorta like a cheese puff actually, just, onion flavored.  They do have real onion puree in them, and MSG, salt, and sugars to get you addicted, but, unlike most snacks, I didn't get addicted.

The onion flavor was good though, and they were a healthier choice, I just didn't quite figure out what to do with them.  I tried dunking in aioli as if they were onion fries, but that wasn't quite right.  I tried putting on a salad as if they were fried onion bits, but that also wasn't right.  And just alone, as a finger food, they were too much like chips.

My mom liked them though, and I admit that the onion flavor is a good one.


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