Thursday, February 01, 2018

Sweet Sydney's Gluten-Free Cookies

I don't really like cookies.  I'm not gluten-free.  But I'll admit these are decently made gluten-free cookies, and, the gluten-free folks I know rave about them (and claim "you wouldn't even know they are gluten-free!"  I disagree, but, I'm glad they like them).  My opinion?  Great soft format, nice flavors, but ... clearly gluten free!
"We are an artisan, gluten-free (GF) baking company based in San Francisco. My dad and I spent months perfecting our family recipes to create what we think are the best GF desserts on the market. Give our treats a try and we think you'll agree."
That is about all I know about the company, besides the fact that they produce for wholesale markets, and are distributed at all the higher end grocery stores around town, so they are pretty easy to obtain if you live in SF.  They make cookies, cookie dough, brownies, and lemon bars.  We tried several of the cookies.
"Soft and chewy, with amazing flavor, this cookie launched Sweet Sydney’s. These will not only be your favorite GF cookie, but your favorite cookie period."

These looked like really great cookies.  Large size, soft, perfectly crackled on top, large chunks of pearl sugar.

They were soft too.  But, I found the texture a bit off.  In exactly the way I'd expect, to be honest.  They were gluten-free after all.

My gluten-free friends however said they were great, so, if you are gluten-free, and like cookies, give them a try.  If you are expecting to not notice anything a bit different though, these won't do that.
Oatmeal Raisin.
"Oatmeal raisin cookie--soft and chewy with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg."

These were easily my least favorite.

Big, soft cookies, and they looked great, but, tasted like sawdust to me.  I thought the texture was very off, but, others really thought they were good.

Credit for the soft cookie, and credit for good distribution of raisins, but, I did not like.
Coconut Macadamia.
"Amazing coconut cookies with two types of coconut. Soft and chewy with crunchy macadamia nuts."

This one was *almost* good.  Another soft cookie, almost even unbaked in a gooey way that I like.  It was very generously laced with shredded coconut (too much for my taste, but that is personal preference), but I was disappointed by the small amount of macadamia, and fact that the macadamia was small bits, rather than larger chunks.

Still, again, very decently made, for what it was.
Chocolate Chunk.
"Our classic cookie is still soft, chewy and just as you remember. You will never know they’re GF."

Like all the Sweet Sydney's cookies, this one did look great.  It was soft, nicely studded with chocolate chunks, etc.  But ... like all of them, I could indeed tell it was gluten free.  The texture was just chalky and not pleasant.  Sorry Sweet Sydney's!
Salted Caramel Toffee.
"Our newest cookie is amazing! Lots of caramel with Heath toffee bits mixed in and a sea salt dusting."

This one really was the best.  It was soft, and the toffee bits were fabulous.

But ... the texture.  A gluten-free cookie, for sure.
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