Thursday, March 29, 2018

Baked Goods from Dough-To-Go

I know, it isn't quite fair for me to review products that are only available wholesale and through food service distributors, but, in many cases, you find these products all around town at cafes and coffee shops, you likely just don't know it.
"Dough-to-Go is a company that specializes in the manufacture of high quality raw dough and ready to serve bakery products.  Dough-to-Go strives to make products “like you would make yourself, if you had the time.” 
Well, I think Dough-to-Go achieved their goal.  The products did indeed seem like what I'd make.  They certainly weren't the quality of a real bakery.

I don't recommend.

Sweet Rolls

Dough-to-Go makes two types of sweet rolls: sticky buns and basic cinnamon rolls.  I was only able to try the cinnamon rolls.  They didn't inspire me to seek out the sticky buns, even though those are more up my alley. 
Cinnamon Raisin Rolls.
"Morning rolls with cinnamon, raisins and sweet sugar glaze."

These looked great!  Huge cinnamon rolls.  Tons of icing.

But ... they weren't very good.  Dried out.  Even the very very center of the roll wasn't moist.  They weren't gooey.  They weren't flavorful.  The icing was hard.

Just, not good.


Scones are available baked and frozen, or as raw dough that you bake off.  They come in 8 flavors, mostly fruity.

I was able to try all 4 flavors of their "Chunky Fruit Scones".

They also were not good.
Apple Cinnamon Raisin.
The apple cinnamon raisin were the worst of the bunch.

The scone was just so dry.  No flavor to the base.  Not good.
The cranberry had good pops of flavor from the cranberries, but, the base scone was again dry and flavorless.
Mixed Berry.
The mixed berry were the best of the bunch, they at least had a lot of fruit in them, but, the base scone just isn't good.
Blueberry were about the same as the mixed berry, lots of fruit, but, meh to the scone.
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