Friday, March 23, 2018

Honeybuns Gluten-Free Baked Goods, UK

Honeybuns is a wholesale bakery in the UK, with products mostly served in cafes, but are also available at Waitrose (a major grocery store there).  You can order online for delivery within the country too.  And then, they also offer two other unique venues ... a pop-up bee shack and a "Ark" where you can make a booking for "glamping".

Uh yeah.  I found them at a cafe.

The products are all gluten-free.  They make cookies, flapjacks, and assorted types of bars, ranging from brownies to the "squillionaire" (a polenta and date shortbread topped with date caramel and chocolate).  And they also making baking mixes for cornbread and sponge cake.

The items all have a impressive shelf life, from 10 days for some of the bars, up to 35 days for the flapjacks.  They are also all meant for freezing.

I wish I had been able to find the flapjacks, as I really do like them in general, but I only found a cookie.  I'd gladly try more of their products if I came across them.
Amondi Cookie.
"Our gluten and dairy free version of the Italian amaretti... but soft rather than crunchy in the centre."

I guess I see the "amaretti" inspiration here, but these are really nothing like amaretti, besides that they have almonds, sugar, and egg white in them.  As they say in the description, there is no crunch to it, it is a soft item.

I had a hard time classifying it as a cookie exactly, as it was very soft, almost more like a biscuit or cake.  Let's just say ... a very moist cookie?  The outside had a tiny bit of give and chew to it, and inside was very soft and moist.

Overall, it was quite sweet, and went nicely with my tea, but it would go even better with black coffee.  It didn't taste too much like almond, as in, it didn't seem like you were just eating almonds, but you could certainly tell it was an almond treat.  It also had fairly strong orange flavors, along with a few bits of orange zest throughout.  In the center was a whole almond.

I was fairly fascinated by this item.  The ingredients were simple: ground almonds, ground hazelnut, sugar (regular and powdered), egg whites, orange (zest and oil).  Yet, it was like a cake, or, a very moist cookie.  How was this possible?  I still don't entirely understand what held it together.  Just egg whites, sugar, and ground nuts?

I enjoyed my cookie, but, this is not a light item.  It was dense, and clocked in at 70 grams.  With 48% of the cookie made from almonds, it has nutrition stats about to match, nearly 350 calories (although, 9 grams of protein!), for a small cookie.
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