Friday, April 27, 2018

Cornology Popcorn

By now you know I'm obsessed with snacks, and popcorn in particular.  So I'll keep this short and sweet.

Cornology is a fairly fancy popcorn company, not mass produced. They have shops in San Francisco and Japan only, where their goods are popped fresh, and packaged to order.  Beyond that, they only distribute through small retail shops and mail order, and claim to never produce or bag until popcorn is ordered.

Flavors range from standard savory (salted, double cheddar, "movie", truffle Parmesan) to standard sweet (caramel, chocolate drizzle, sweet) to the more unique, like "The Daily Grind" ... coffee flavored.

I tried a sweet and a savory, but didn't care for either.
Double Cheddar. $5.95
"Vermont and California got together for twice the cheddar. Your favorite macaroni and cheese taste is all over this scrumptious snack."

I started with the classic double cheddar.  I loved the idea of it being like "macaroni and cheese taste", as in, totally fake cheese.  Yes!

And it was signature orange.  Things were looking good.

But ...  the cheese was too ... cheesy?  I kept trying to like it, and got halfway through the bag, but just never liked it.

C Squared.
"Add our Chef’s 50-year old family recipe for Carmel Corn to our super popular and cheese-a-licious Double Cheddar popcorn and you get C Squared!"

So I moved on to C Squared, with both cheddar and caramel, a la Garrett's famous mix.  Spoiler: Garrett's is much more pleasing to me.

The caramel was too ... sweet.  I love caramel corn, I love decadent caramel corn, but this was just too cloyingly sweet.  Yes, I realize how crazy that is coming from me.

And no, the "too cheesy" cheese and the "too sweet" caramel were not able to balance each other out.

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