Friday, April 13, 2018

Harvey's Pretzels

Harvey's Pretzels is another brand of packaged snacks that only seems to show up in gift baskets around the holidays.  I don't think they have a retail store of their own.  I can't find any real info online.

So, I'll keep it short.  The one product I tried was great, and I'd gladly take it off your hands from an abandoned gift basket.
Honey Mustard Onion Pretzel Pieces.
"Baked to perfection and coated with honey mustard and onion seasoning."

"Delectable pretzels covered in honey mustard and onion seasoning. "

I like honey mustard pretzel bits.  My mom always has a stock of flavored Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Nibblers on hand, which I've reviewed before.  I always have a love-hate relationship with those - I don't actually like the sourdough based pretzels much, and some of the flavors give me a stomach ache, yet ... I find myself addicted and can never stop eating them.

Harvey's Pretzels were better, although very similar.

Same concept of pretzel pieces, broken off, and coated in honey mustard coating.  They were crunchy but not too hard, and, I liked the base pretzel flavor more than Snyder's, as I don't think these were sourdough.

They were well coated, the jagged edges great for holding the flavor.  Vaguely identifyable as "honey mustard" and "onion" but certainly seasoned and savory.

I liked them, and easily devoured the box.  Yes the whole thing.  Shhh.
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