Friday, April 20, 2018

We Bee Poppin Popcorn

Snack foodsPopcorn.  You know I'm crazy about these things.  I try every brand I can get my hands on.

Which lead me to We Bee Poppin, a family owned and operated popcorn manufacturer in central California, which, like many got their start as a food truck.  They now have a handful of locations around the area.

I was impressed with the creative flavor range, spicy (like elote!), savory (assorted cheeses), and of course, my favorites, sweet (with really unique offerings, keep reading!)
"Cheese is one of the greatest snacks combined with Ventura County’s Best Popcorn… This is the flavor you need to get into."

I first tried the savory cheddar flavor.

It was fine, but pretty generic fake dark orange cheddar popcorn.  It was however the only one where I detected a bit of the coconut oil flavor.
Movie Popcorn.
"Everyone recognizes the flavor of the most popular popcorn of all time… Movie Theater style has turned heads, sparked interest and woken up noses for the past 100 years and We Bee Poppin brings this fluffy and buttery treat to you in delicious handfuls."
Next, another savory, the basic "movie popcorn", that is, butter popcorn.

It was ... butter popcorn?  Not particularly interesting to me.
"This carnival treat is now available in popcorn form. Everyone remembers that smell of fresh churros as they walked the Ventura County Fair or walked the Barnum & Bailey Circus. This is honestly a flash back flavor worthy of the Sweet selection title!"

Next, churro! This was basically exactly what you'd expect.  Cinnamon and sugar coated corn.

Not my favorite, as I just don't find myself craving cinnamon popcorn.
Kaptain Krunch: Strawberry & Blue Raspberry.
"Kaptain Krunch is a unique flavor with a not so unique name. We’ve all grown up hearing this young naval man tell us about his beautifully shaped cereal. Well this popcorn is one that is truly hard to put down."

The last I tried was certainly the best.  Kaptain Krunch.

This was a unique one!  I've tried many flavors of popcorn over the years, er, per my obsession, but I haven't had many fruity ones.  And fruity this was.  Strawberry and blue raspberry!

The kernels that were well coated were, well, quite fruity.  Candied.  Sweet.  I liked them, although certainly different from my usual sweet popcorn.

My complain though, is that many weren't that well coated.
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