Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Will it Waffle: Bauloy Samsee

I've waffled a lot of crazy things over the years, as you know (and if you don't know, rewind, go to my master post about my love of transforming leftovers via my waffle iron).
Bauloy Samsee: Transformed!
But this, this might be one of the most unique things I've waffled to date.  I waffled a thai dessert.  Because even though I didn't care for the original, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away.

So I did what I always do in this situation - I threw it in the waffle iron, and hoped it would create magic.

And this time, it did.  One of my biggest successes, and best transformations, to date.

Bauloy Samsee: Will it Waffle? is a resounding YES YES YES!
The Original: Bauloy Samsee.
The original was thai dessert from Bangkok Asia Cafe and Grocery in Lebanon, NH, where I took a gamble and picked up a thai dessert while visiting my family.

It was served warm, a thin coconut milk broth, with glutinous rice balls of three colors (green, orange, and white).  The rice balls were infused with pandan, sweet potato, and (I think coconut), but all were fairly flavorless.  The balls were very soft, and many were lumped together.  They just weren't very good.

The coconut milk was slightly sweet, and tasty enough actually, but, overall, it just wasn't enjoyable.

I really didn't want to waste it though, and, I really wanted a dessert to enjoy, so I decided to remove the rice dumplings, and, well, waffle them.  I actually thought this would work well, like a mochi waffle, why not?

My parents thought I was crazy (even though just the day before, they had watched me waffle leftover poutine to great success).
Rice Balls, Waffling ...
I pre-heated the waffle iron to my standard 350 degrees.

I started with a small batch to test.  I simply plucked a few of the dumpling balls from the broth, and put them into the waffle iron.  I didn't crust it, I didn't do anything really.  I barely bothered to make sure I grabbed a few of each color.  Just put them in, closed the lid, and walked away for about 5 minutes.
Waffled Rice Balls!
I checked halfway to see the balls mushing together to form a solid waffle.  Then they puffed up, and then got nicely crispy.

I was able to extract my waffle with zero effort.  Well, huh.

I tried a chunk.  It was perfectly crispy on the outside, yet crazy moist and gloopy in a good way inside.  I had made a mochi waffle.
The Result!
I drizzled the coconut milk sauce over the top, and added some whipped cream.

It was really, really good.  I loved the crispy exterior, I loved the soft inside.  The flavor even seemed better, and the coconut milk broth worked much better as a drizzle, particularly when combined with the thicker whipped cream.

I adored my creation, and immediately returned to waffle the remainder.  Not only did this salvage something that was lackluster, it was truly delicious, and honestly, I'd get the dessert again, just to do this.
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