Friday, June 22, 2018

Earnest Eats Oatmeal Bars

More healthy granola-ish bars.

Earnest Eats promises whole foods, supergrains, detox support, and more, all in forms related to oatmeal.

They make several styles of healthier oatmeal: "Proteinbiotic" (extra protein and probiotics), "Superfood", and "Energized" (with natural caffeine from coffee fruit added).  And baked bars, which is the product I tried.

Baked Whole Food Bars

"TASTY, CHEWY AND TOTALLY UNCOMPLICATED. No spray-on vitamins or protein powders. No corn, peanut or soy oils. No ingredient lists with long compound words. We make our bars with whole nuts, fruits, seeds and grains, and rich roasted almond butter. We bake them in small batches in real ovens for a soft cookie-like texture. And we do all of this so that you can eat a bar carefree, and enjoy every last bite."
The bars aren't quite granola bars, since oatmeal based, and softer.  All are square shaped, and clock in more calories than I expected given the small size.

Bars are available in 5 varieties: apple ginger, choco peanut butter, almond trail mix, cran lemon zest, and doubel choco espresso.  I went straight for the choco peanut butter, because, um, chocolate and peanut butter are often the only way to save healthy bars.  Also, because they taste great together.
Choco Peanut Butter.
"We couldn’t resist the tasty duet of chocolate and PB, so we made it our own with dark chocolate chips, oats, and natural peanut butter. Indulge yourself."

Ingredient-wise, this didn't sound to bad.  Oats as the base, cane syrup and brown rice syrup to sweeten, dark chocolate chips and peanuts for the goodness, plus almond butter, oat bran, and sunflower seeds to healthy it up.

It looked pretty real too.  The texture was decent, soft but not like a cookie, although a bit crumbly.  It broke apart easily.

However, I didn't really taste much peanut butter.  Or, any, really.  I didn't look at the ingredients until later, but I thought I tasted almond, and it had a strange grittiness that I associate with almond butter, and a slightly odd sweetness that I also often associate with almond butters that I don't like.  And ... yes, it did indeed use almond butter.  I felt deceived, as I expected peanut goodness, and got almonds instead.

The chocolate was there, in the form of little chips.  They were fine, but, I wanted chocolate peanut butter!

Overall, this was fine, not bad, but not something I wanted another of.
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