Thursday, June 28, 2018

SaltiSweet Ice Cream

Ice cream. On a stick.  A pretzel stick.
"All of the best foods are on a stick, but we’re the only stick you can chomp. We start with Real Ice Cream, wrap it around a pretzel or Pirouline® Cookie for easy eating, and dunk it in a creamy chocolatey coating. We’ll even top it off with a little something extra, if it suits your fancy." 
I gotta say, SaltiSweet kinda won me from the start.  I like salty and sweet combos.  I like ice cream.   I don't necessarily think the *best* foods are on a stick, but, sticks are certainly fun and can enhance the eating experience.  I was drawn in.

SaltiSweet makes one product line: pretzel rods, wrapped in ice cream, dunked in chocolate (the Pirouline version is coming soon).  From there, you can mix things up a bit with different coatings (nuts or sprinkles in addition to the chocolate), or different flavors of ice cream (mint, cookies & cream, salted caramel, black raspberry, etc).  Each one is named after somewhere in Colorado, where they are from.

And ... that's it.  Hand held ice cream novelties, on a stick you can eat.

The concept however was better than the practice.
Each item comes packaged in an individual box, with the treat bagged inside it.
Vail Valley Vanilla with Nuts.
I started with a simple vanilla ice cream, chocolate coating, and nuts (peanuts).

It looked exactly as expected.  Basically, like a more traditional ice cream novelty bar, but, with a stick that I could eat.  Who needs popsicle sticks?

I ... kinda liked it.  I had mixed feelings.

The ice cream was clearly much higher quality than you get in average ice cream novelties, no question.  Not a flavored milk product, actual ice cream.

The shell was great, snappy milk chocolate coating, generously and evenly coated in nuts.

The pretzel rod is the part I wasn't entirely sure of.  I wanted it for the salty component, and the crunch, but ... the rod inside the ice cream was not crisp.  How could it be?  It was just like when Ben & Jerry's puts waffle cone pieces into their ice cream like in Americone Dream or the potato chips in Late Night Snack.  Great concept, but, I don't like soggy things in my ice cream!

So the rod?  I didn't want it.  Which kinda defeats the purpose.

Still, a quality product, and if these kinds of textures don't bother you, I'm sure a good one.
Vail Valley Vanilla.
Next I had the most simple, the Vail Valley Vanilla, no additional coating (besides the chocolate shell present on all of them.

This time, the novelty had worn off a bit.  And I was frustrated with it.  It also turned out that the chocolate without nuts just wasn't as tasty.
Vail Valley Vanilla: Inside.
This one also, uh, wasn't as well manufactured.

The rod was not in the center of the item, not that it really mattered, but, it was what it was.

I again really did not like the pretzel rod.  Soft, not crunchy, and, although it was consumable, I didn't want to consume it, so, it wasn't really that much different from a popsicle stick for me.

My other problem?  I love melty ice cream, and its impossible to get these to the proper melty state.  For the ice cream to get melty enough, the chocolate shell needs to totally melt, it seemed.  Otherwise it just held in the cold too well, and it didn't soften nicely.

So, just not the right item for me, but, if you don't mind soggy pretzels, uh, maybe for you?
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