Friday, July 13, 2018

Love Corn

Crunchy snack foods?  If you read my blog, you how I feel about these things.  Snacky-snacks!  Yes!
"Nice to meet you.  We are LOVE CORN the first Premium Roasted Corn brand. 
Our mission is to make our customers smile and make roasted corn your favorite snack, one kernel at a time. 
We tick all the boxes- good fiber, vegan, gluten & sugar free!"
Uh, ok.  That's quite the mission, making roasted corn my favorite snack?  Not really possible, given my love of popcorn.  But I'll play along.

I don't know much about LOVE CORN, besides their interesting marketing approach.  And they make basically corn nuts, in a variety of flavors.
"LOVE CORN's delicious, crunchy roasted corn kernels are packed with flavor, have the perfect crunch and fun, iconic packaging is loved by adults and kids."

The products all come in individual packages.  I can't really say it was "fun, iconic packaging" that I "loved" though.

Unfortunately, I didn't care for their style of corn nut.
Sea Salt.
"You look like you enjoy the simple things in life. Well, we’ve just decked ourselves out in the most delicious sea salt and we’re feeling classically cool and a bit James Dean. Let’s be honest, sometimes less is more."

I started basic: sea salt.

It was ... basic?  A bit salty, yes, crunchy, but small kernels, and not really the style of corn nuts I prefer, it always seems over roasted.
Habanero Chili.
"Where we come from, we like it hot – the sunshine and the food. We love roasting in the best habanero spices, it gets us all hot and bothered. Forgive us for our spicy ways."

Next up I went for the most interesting sounding: habanero chili.

It ... wasn't really that spicy, nor interesting.  The same base salted small kernel corn, a bit too roasted for me, with a spicing I didn't really care for.  Meh.
Smoked BBQ.
"Y’all ready for some BBQ goodness?  Smothered in smokin’ hickory, it’s all done nice and slow… you just don’t rush into something this good. Y’all better be kickin’ off those boots and stayin’ awhile."
And last, bbq.

These were my favorite, as they actually had some flavor to them, but the corn style was still not one I prefer.
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