Friday, August 10, 2018

barkTHINS Snacking Chocolate

Chocolate. Snacks.  Yes.  These are things I like.

Snacking chocolate?  Sounds good to me.  Sadly, barkTHINS didn't really do it for me.
"barkTHINS are snackable slivers of dark chocolate paired with real, simple ingredientsfor a completely original take on snacking. It's Snacking. Elevated."
"Every bite is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With an array of delightful ingredients and delicious dark chocolate, there’s a flavor for everyone."

barkTHINS sounded like a great product for me.  All made with dark chocolate.  As a binder for crunchy things.  Most have a salt component. Yes.

All come packaged in re-sealable bags.  Perfect.

I would have been happy to try just about any flavor.  Studded with peanuts? Sure! Pumpkin seeds? Why not!  Chunks of peppermint?  Yes!  Coconut? Sure!
Dark Chocolate Pretzel w. Sea Salt.
"Indulgent dark chocolate meets a classic salty snack. It's snacking chocolate with a twist."

I settled on the dark chocolate pretzel.

And ... I was let down.

The dark chocolate was fine, but, not particularly notable.  And the pretzels?  Eh.  They provided texture, but overwhelmed the bar.  It didn't look like it should be unbalanced, as there was plenty of dark chocolate, but, all I could really taste was sadly pretzel.  And not much salt.

I didn't try any further flavors.
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