Friday, September 14, 2018

Protes Protein Chips

Things I like: snacksChips.  Fun flavors.  Excuses to eat chips for nutritional benefits. Enter: Protes.
"Tired of bars and shakes? Start snacking instead. 
Just like you, we’re tired of the same old protein options out there. Welcome to the world of Protes! Protein chips and popcorn are here to deliver that snacking crave you desire and the functional protein you need."
Protes is speaking my language.  Fun flavors of chips ... protein chips.  Who needs to add grilled chicken, a skewer of shrimp, etc on top of a salad if you can just have a bag of protein chips alongside, guilt free?

These sounded too good to be true.

Protes makes two products lines, both of which sounded fantastic to me: chips or popcorn.  Yes, seriously.  My favorite snack popcorn, protein-ified?!!!  YES!

I looked at the ingredients, expecting to find the common things in protein bars and shakes, including whey protein isolate, which my body does not like.  Instead, for the chips, well, huh.  Just pea protein.  I don't mind pea protein, and in fact, I even enjoy the taste (when used in Ripple milk, for example).  Well, huh.  I was eager to try.

Chips are available in 4 flavors: Tangy Southern Bbq, Spicy Chili Lime, Toasted Coconut, Zesty Nacho.  I tried one kind, and hated them.  I'd still be willing to try another flavor of chips, as I love the concept.

The popcorn though ... uses whey protein.  Sigh.
Spicy Chili Lime.
"Turn up the heat even when you’re chillin’."

Well, one bite is all it took.

Oooph.  They fell down hard.  Sure, they looked a bit funny, but that didn't bother me.  And, as I said, I like pea protein, so I wasn't scared by the ingredients.  But the taste.  Oooph.

The texture was ok, not great, crispier than a normal chip, a bit thicker too, not quite enjoyable, but not that bad.  But the flavor ... was just strange.  And the zesty chili lime flavor was clearly not the right choice for me, although they get credit for using real spices, aggressively.

I wish I had liked them, as a bag of these chips has 15g of protein in it, and the ingredients really aren't scary, just the pea protein isolate, potato, and seasonings.


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