Friday, May 24, 2019

Arway Confections

Arways is a snack food and confection maker based in the US.  Their claim to fame came from their "The Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patties", which they distributed via Sears Roebuck & Co, the largest retailer in the US ... way back in 1950.  Since then, things have changed quite a bit, but they are still dedicated to making snacks and confections of high quality.

Their full lineup includes every sort of snack, like popcorn, coated pretzels, trail mix, candy, chocolates, roasted nuts, etc, and perhaps you have enjoyed them, but just not known it.  As Arway doesn't distribute directly to consumers via their own brand, but rather is a wholesale manufacturer.  They fill the bulk bins in supermarkets everywhere, and many corner convenience stores, movie theaters, etc use their products.

I've tried an assortment, and generally found them to be good.
Yogurt Covered Malted Milk Balls.
"Covered in a deliciously thick layer of sweet, creamy yogurt coating, these malty-sweet malt balls make a tasty and unexpected addition to your candy repertoire."

Arway makes a decent variety of malted milk balls, including classic chocolate, dark chocolate, and even carob coated, along with different colors of chocolate coating, but I tried the yogurt coated ones.  Which sounded the least interesting, but I actually really liked.

The coating was thick, creamy, and more like white chocolate the yogurt really.  It was quite sweet, and complimented the malted interior well.  They were huge, and really quite enjoyable.  I liked in particular how the malted inside melted in my mouth.

Winners, and I'd gladly eat more of these.
Chocolate Drizzled Caramelcorn.
"Take popcorn to the next level with this sweet, salty, tender-crisp concoction! A fan favorite for movies and game nights alike, it's got all your flavor bases covered."

"Sweet and salty popcorn coated in a decadent caramel and a rich chocolate drizzle."

Oh, by still my heart.  Coated caramelcorn!  You know how much I love popcorn, and in particular sweet popcorn, so, this looked like a winner.

I didn't care for it though.  The caramel was a buttery style that somehow just didn't connect with me.  I tried it room temp and frozen of course (my favorite way).

It was unfortunate that I didn't like the caramel, because it was otherwise well made, nicely coated and drizzled.

Update: I forgot that I hadn't liked these much before, and got very excited when I encountered them again.  I think I might have liked it slightly more than the first time, but again, this just wasn't the ideal caramel drizzle corn for me.  I strongly prefer Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP! (review coming soon).
Dark Chocolate Fall Nonpareils.
"Smooth and luscious, these dark chocolate drops come dotted with beautiful Autumnal colors! Rich and elegant with a surprisingly delightful crunch, you’re sure to Fall in love!"

"Fall in love with these dark chocolate disks dotted with a pretty array of autumnal sprinkles!"

I liked these.

The chocolate was a dark, smooth, sweet style, a bit like Hershey Special Dark.  Sweeter than I normally would want for a dark chocolate, but it wasn't sweet in a bad way.

I loved the crunch on the outside.  These were good, but I did grow sick of them after a while.
Dark Chocolate Holiday Nonpareils.
"Add festive elegance to your holiday with these melt-in-your-mouth chocolate morsels.  Red, white, and green sprinkles coat rich dark chocoalte for an extra space of crunch and style."

A few months later, we got the festive "holiday" version, with red, green, and white balls on them this time.

I had forgotten the details of my previous review, but knew that I kinda had liked the others, so I tried these again.

The chocolate was again fine, but a sweeter dark chocolate, again, much like Hershey Special Dark than the kind of dark chocolate I generally go for.

The crunch from the little balls on the outside was nice though.
Chocolate Toffee Peanuts.
"The perfect addition to any occasion, aromatic peanuts get tossed in crisp, sweet toffee, then dunked in luscious milk chocolate to make these ultra-rich, decadent bites."

These were really delicious.  Crunchy peanuts, smooth creamy milk chocolate, and sweet toffee?  Yes.
Dark Chocolate Sticklets.
"Deck your tongue with these sweet and crunchy sticklet snacks straight out of the bucket or shared among friends for a holiday treat."

"Crisp, salty pretzel sticks in a generous coating of smooth dark chocolate."

These were fine.  I do like sweet and salty combinations, and crunch, and dark chocolate, so the product itself was appealing.  Everything about the was fine - dark chocolate was smooth, a bit sweet but still a darker style, the pretzels were crunchy and not stale ... but there wasn't anything particularly special about these.
Snowflake Pretzels.
"Bundle up and dig in - these yogurt-covered, snowflake-shaped pretzels are sure to cause flurries of excitement!"

These were great!  The coating was sweet, more like white chocolate than yogurt really, the pretzels weren't too stale, and the little sprinkles on top added some crunch.

Very solid, enjoyable coated pretzels.


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