Monday, April 09, 2012

Three Twins Ice Cream

Another local, organic ice cream maker.  And again, I fail to be really impressed with most the flavors or the consistency, but they are really friendly folks!
Lemon Cookie.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter:  Smooth, chocolate and peanut butter flavors are mixed into the base itself.  I tasted mostly chocolate, and not much peanut butter.  Really would have loved a peanut butter swirl or chunks.
  • Dad's Cardamon: Good cardamon flavor, if you want that sort of thing.
  • Horchada: Ok cinnamon flavor, but icy. [ Slight cinnamon flavor, but very icy.  Meh. ]
  • Lemon Cookie (lemon ice cream with vanilla sandwich creme cookies): Yum!  This one was really good. [ Good lemon flavor, decent chunks of cookies throughout, reminded us of cheesecake. ] [ Really nice lemon flavor, nicely balanced, not too sweet.  Generous chunks of cookie add nice texture.  Not creamy, but pretty good.  My favorite of their ice creams. ] [ Nice lemon flavor, there, but not too intense.  Really generous chunks of cookie. ]
  • Milk and Honey: Just sweet.
  • Mocha Difference (coffee with flecks of dark chocolate): Chocolate flecks were nice but nothing all that special here.
  • Peanut Butter: Good strong peanut butter flavor, ok creaminess.
  • Salted Caramel: Sweet, slightly salty, good caramel flavor, creamy.  I think it overtook Lemon Cookie as my favorite, although I still like the texture in Lemon Cookie more.
  • Strawberry: Just basic strawberry ice cream, not remarkable.
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sandwich.
Chocolate chip cookies with vanilla bean ice cream inside. Sounds simple. Sounds classic. But this was amazing. Perhaps the best ice cream sandwich I've ever had in my entire life.

It tasted insanely fresh, even though it was pre-packaged and made who knows when. The cookies were soft, buttery, totally delicious. The cookies themselves were better than most cookies I've had in my life. Fantastic. And the ice cream was a creamy vanilla bean.

Overall, this was super tasty. Seriously, best ice cream sandwich I've ever had. No others are even in the same league, certainly not the classic Nestle Toll House version, but also not even the made to order ones at Umami Burger with Humphrey Slocombe ice cream, or even the ones at the darling State Bird Provisions.
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