Friday, October 05, 2012

Hapa SF

For some reason that I don't really understand, Dos Equis has teamed up with Hapa SF for the Mobile Academy Food Truck, a food truck sponsored by Dos Equis for two weeks, cruising around SF and giving out free food.  Hapa SF is a Filipino food truck that normally appears around town, but for this event, they were running a very limited menu: chicken free, pig's head sisig, or pickled duck eggs.  Interesting stuff!

I stumbled upon it while walking around town, drawn in by the folks wearing rather unusual costumes. I'd just had lunch, so I didn't want much, but tried out the least adventurous of the dishes, the pickled duck egg.

I can't say I'd go back, but I know this wasn't anything like their normal menu, so I am curious what they normally serve.  Follow @HapaSF on Twitter if you want to find them during this promotion ...
Itlog na Maalat: Pickled duck egg with fresh heirloom tomato.
I was a little surprised when I received a salad.  The description didn't say it had greens!

Anyway, the greens were fresh enough, but pretty generic, as were the sliced little tomatoes.  It was lightly dressed with an unremarkable dressing.

The highlight was obviously the duck eggs.  I'm sure I've had duck egg before, but I think they were likely fried or poached then.  The most surprising thing to me was how flavorful the yolk was.  It had a much stronger flavor than a chicken egg!  The eggs were very lightly pickled, with a slight saltiness to them.  I'm glad I experienced the duck egg, but meh, this wasn't that exciting.
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